Adding a "room-occupant only" permission to tables/entertainment

Started by zeebo76, December 14, 2020, 07:53:01 PM

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One of the things I dislike in vanilla Rimworld is how colonists will use ANY object available to them within a certain radius.

For instance, if I place a table and chair in a prisoner's room with the intent of giving the prisoner somewhere to eat, my own colonists will inevitably eat in that room at some point.  Apply this to any table/chair or joy/recreation object placed in any room, and you have a recipe for long treks to a centralized enjoyment location that can easily waste working time in your colonists' days.

I think a solution would be to add a specific permission, called "Room-occupied only" for usable items (think TV's, Game-of-Ur boards, chess boards) in any given room with a bed in it.

This permission would give the player the option to allow only the colonists who own the bed in the room these usable items reside in to use those items.

Say I have a colonist named Joe.  Joe has a bedroom with a single bed in it.  I give him a table and a chair to eat at, and a TV to watch in case he's hungry or wants to have a little solo recreation time.  Setting those objects to "room-occupied only" mode would limit their usage only to Joe, who has a claimed bed in his bedroom - the same space the chair and TV are in.  Anybody else would need to find somewhere else to eat/watch TV at - perhaps even their own rooms, with a "room-occupied only" permission for themselves.

This would also apply to colonists who share a double bed, or colonists who live in a barracks together.  ANY colonist with a claimed bed within the space these usable objects are in can use the objects that are set to "room-occupied only" in that same space.  Married couples could have their own chessboard, soldiers in a barracks could have a barracks TV and a barracks dinner table - all to themselves.  No colonist would decide to go watch TV all the way across the map anymore.

And perhaps most importantly...  You could put tables in prison cells so prisoners no longer get the "ate without table" debuff, and at the same time you can keep your centralized cafeteria for all your other colonists.  No more eating at random tables, and a quick and easy way to make breakfast for a starving colonist very fast (they just hop out of bed and eat at their own table), without the weirdness of anyone barging in and eating at their table at any time throughout the day.

Anyway, that's my idea.