Why is there an item that destroys equipment on death?

Started by asanbr, December 20, 2020, 11:22:26 AM

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I played a game yesterday after a long time without playing Rimworld.

I saw an item from an exotic trader which had a description that it would destroy equipment/artificial body parts on death so that they cannot be removed/reused by surgery.

This would make sense in a multiplayer game but as far as I know there is no multiplayer, so why does this item exist?


Its meant for the enemies of the player, so that the players don't get a ton of gear each raid, or very advanced gear by the start to the game. Every pawn of the imperium has it.

Idk if it can appear in traders normally or if its the effect of a mod but i dont think the player has any use for it.


I never saw any item that add the Death acidifier to someone.
I only encounter these on enemies/friendly with mosttimes valueable equipment.