Culture and Policies of Villagies

Started by Rasec, January 01, 2021, 11:10:03 AM

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The ideia is that we could enforce desible traits for realism, convinience and roleplaying
In attrition and benefit to the traits every colonist has, if villagers had culture and policies of their own, adopting and banning especific traits, would change the gameplay quite a bit...

For example, you can try to force cannibalism, any colonist who is not a cannibal would be against it, but over time that would become a temporary trait.

Relationships with Other Villages
- Starting/base relationships would be based on similarities of adopted/dislikes policies.
- Speed in befriending a village related
- Adoping a non-relavant policie just to help befriending a village could be a strategy

Implamenting Policies and Recruting
- Any change would take time proporcional of the impact of the trait, (exemple: cannibalism huge amount of time, nudism medium amount of time, abrasive small amount of time.).
- This way would be harder to reruit colonist with oposite traits than of our village implements and easier to recuit the ones that are similar.

Policies Benefits
- After adapting the settler to it, the policie would act similarly the trait that could be a water down version of it for game balance if necessary.