Spelopede not charging when shot, instead walked away. Bug?

Started by asanbr, January 09, 2021, 06:54:37 AM

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I saw a weird thing yesterday.

There are some neutral bugs inside caves on the map. The ones that spawn from the game start and don't multiply.

One lonely spelopede was the only One remaining from one such nest after earlier raids had destroyed the nest and the other insects that were originally there.

This lonely spelopede started wandering a bit and went far away from the nest, compared to the small area they originally kept inside. It may have been walking 20-40 tiles away. Is this normal/supposed to happen? Does their pathing or territory change when the hive is destroyed?

Another raid came and one pirate raider started shooting with a pistol, hitting this spelopede several times. The spelopede did not attack the pirate though, it just kept wandering around and even walked away from the pirate, who kept shooting from a corner wall inside the mountain.

This continued until the spelopede was dead.

I have never before seen insects not attack when fired at. So it made me wonder if this is normal behavior or a bug? Pun intended.


I think the spelopede  or other insect's became independed and no longer belong to the hive.
And act just as regular animal, and not any animal become manhunter when you shoot it.


Thanks, belgord!