How my colony saved two kids.

Started by Arkay_The_Arcane, October 17, 2019, 02:06:39 PM

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First of all, I should note that this is a heavily modded playthrough. The only mods relevant to this story are "Children, school and learning" and "Prison Labour".

It was a normal day in the base. Adiemus, the colony's unofficial leader, was watching the prisoners as they did their mining in the quarry. Evan was eating, the rest of the colony hard at work as usual... Suddenly, the raid alarms blared. Within minutes Adiemus and Evan were in their defensive positions, guns at the ready. The raid was... Small. Insignificant, really. Three people.
But then they realized it wasn't going to be easy. Two of the three raiders were children. They couldn't just kill a couple of kids!
Luckily Adiemus is a good shot. It took her about five bullets to end the raid. When all was said and done, none of the raiders had died. Perfect. Jung, the doctor, patched up the two little girls the moment they were put in the prison barracks. Antonina, a blonde twelve year old, had made it off with a few easily treated gun wounds, but Livvy, an eight year old, was in much worse conditions. One of her legs had been shot clean off and her right kidney was destroyed. There was a solution to both problems, though.
You see, the third raider survived too... And who doesn't love free organs?
One transplant and peg leg later, Livvy is walking around as if nothing ever happened, albeit a bit slower than usual.
Unlike the other prisoners, neither of the kids were put to work. Instead we focused entirely on getting them recruited. We built a school, just for them, and already prepared rooms with warm beds.
A few months later they were both recruited, and idols of the colony. Everyone loved them.
In the colony they recieve an education, they aren't forced into dangerous raids.
We saved their lives, and drastically improved them too.


wait... is that a mod? the minimun age is 14
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Quote from: Arkay_The_Arcane on October 17, 2019, 02:06:39 PM
First of all, I should note that this is a heavily modded playthrough. The only mods relevant to this story are "Children, school and learning" and "Prison labour"

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