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Started by ickymachine, February 10, 2021, 05:50:39 PM

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The last GOG update is 1.2.2753 (11 September 2020) while the Steam version is 1.2.2900. Are there plans to continue updating the GOG version to be in line with Steam? Tried playing multiplayer with my friends and had errors due to version mismatch.


I think this might be more a GOG problem. Maybe you should try contact them.


Official announcement is still 2753, what does 2900 update?


2900 is the beginning beta for the next release.
Only steam dummies get into the beta branch. All other need to wait for the official release.


Where did you get that its the beginning beta? The change log I found says its only updates names and translations


Nowhere, since i don't saw any official notes i just though it is the beginning of the next beta.
Do you got the 2900 at steam at the normal update or from the beta branch ?


I just checked and I also have the 1.2.2900 and Im not in the beta. The changelog is from here: