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Started by Chicken Plucker, February 13, 2021, 09:46:24 PM

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DOOM Expansion is coming. What faction are you looking forward to most?

UAC - The classic Union Aerospace soldiers
2 (20%)
Utilitarian - Private army
5 (50%)
Bounty Hunters - Mercenaries
1 (10%)
Demons - Very weird lookin skeletons
1 (10%)
Night Sentinels (currently not planned)
0 (0%)
Demon cultists - Would be part of demons faction, allows them to be beatable
1 (10%)

Total Members Voted: 10

Chicken Plucker

1.4 Updates: Google Drive Link

RH2 Faction - V.O.I.D.
- Nerfs for the higher end monsters, reduction of armor rating for sharp and blunt slightly
- Fixes on archonexus bug
- Fixes on resurrection related bugs
- Base generation bugs when you attack through drop pods fix
- "Game slowing down" related bug report fix
- Excess disk space of 130MB used by mod removed for ludeon and steam copy

- Trade-in error fixes
- .git file removed

Chicken Plucker

1.4 Updates: Google Drive Link

RH2 Faction - V.O.I.D.
- VOID contact now in dev mode
- VOID contact now in mod settings
- VOID contact fixes

- Trade-in bug fixes

- Crucible now needs 20 intellectual and 20 crafting skill to create
- Crucible now needs 25 spacer components, not 10

Faction: Bounty Hunters
- Armor now gets tainted by dead
- Combat power for low to mid tier pawnkinds raised by a minimum of 20 depending on type. Higher tier pawns unchanged.

DOOM: Bounty Hunters Kit
- Armor now gets tainted by dead

Chicken Plucker

Hey guys. Monday morning tomorrow Im gonna be executed in an assault course. I'm doing it despite injuries. If you never hear from me again you know why.

For King and Country!

Progress so far:

Armors are done, just helmet left according to Fiendakko. Utilitarian guys, they're gonn shoot some people ruh roh

Star Wars

Hehe okay this is what I'm talkin' about lads, glory to the empire you know what I'm sayin'? Heavy gunner webbing for first order troopers. Poor lad has probably never seen an obstacle course or a biff chit in his life but that's lucky for him innit

First Order Raiders and Mandalorian Executioner helmet.

The First Order Raiders are elite special forces dudes who serve the glory of the empire to retrieve artifacts for the glory of the empire. They're like, cool yo.

Look guys I ain't even lyin to you but First Order is looking mad drippy right now thanks to JangoDSoul

Chicken Plucker

Progress reportamundo

Hey guys, just confirming that I did die on the assault course and the green exercise that followed thereafter.

Jango has finished all Mando and First Order textures. I'm very busy these few months so progress will be slow as per usual.

Upcoming (textures done):
- Utilitarian
- First Order
- Mandalorian Mercenaries
- MSF & Metal Gear Solid mod

The following just needs weapon textures, .xml and some C# stuff here and there.

The preview for the First Order faction will look something like this. Admittedly I need to get back in the game since I'm feeling rusty on doing previews by hand.

Plans for First Order faction's behaviour:
- They will tax you much like the Galactic Empire in Jecrell's mod, however they will charge using silver.
- Tax collecting party like Royalty DLC features for tribute collectors
- If you are friendly with the First Order they will send friendly patrols in random sets of days in your map
- Friendlies sent by First Order when player is attacked automatically if they are at least  neutral in relations
- First Order officers will carry an artillery bombardment accessory that goes in the belt layer
- If enlisted, they will feature a trader that only sells first order pawntypes
- First Order officers will wear gold or platinum colored stormtrooper armor with their matching capes
- Elite units will feature Sith Troopers, Special Forces and Relic Raiders
- Will likely be hostile to all factions except the player, civil outlander union, rough outlander and civil tribals.

Planned unit types:

- Stormtrooper
Standard Troopers. Will feature a melee version with Z6 riot control baton and shield belts for those TRAITORS

- Stormtrooper (Corporal)
Better stats than the average trooper

- Heavy
Average trooper with a heavy blaster.

- Specialist (Sergeant/Sniper)
Higher stats in shooting, more or less an NCO trooper with a sniper type blaster.

- Officer (Captain)
Well rounded trooper, may be equal in skill to special forces. Will have orbital bombardment accessory (if implemented).
Will have high stats in social and intelligence.

- Flame trooper
Will be carrying flame thrower type weapons that will ruin your colony. Average trooper in terms of stats.

- Special Forces
Higher stats than all average pawns

- Raider
Higher stats than Special Forces

- Sith Trooper
Equal stats to Raiders though their weapon will be unique

- Officer (Commander)
Highest stats of all the troopers, the faction leader. Will have orbital bombardment accessory (if implemented)
Will have high stats in social and intelligence.

- Officer (Trader)
Commander pauldron, to prevent spamming of orange pauldroned officers, will be restricted to trader role. Will be equal in stats to the Captain and Special Forces.
Will have high stats in social and intelligence.

The better the unit type, the higher their stats will be for combat. I am undecided currently if I should make First Order bases similar to VOID where they are not vanilla generated. Would like to hear your thoughts there.

Utilitarian on the other hand will be steady in terms of skill (within reason), they will feature better trained fighters than the First Order, however the First Order's best units combined with their lower tier pawns will be overwhelming to say the least.

Utilitarian textures here. Some finishing touches and I'll do their singular rifle and get to work on them first. Many thanks to Fiendakko for working his butt off and doing many revisions for these

I'm away on course again, another week away after on another green ex. Still waiting on:
- UAC: Chicken Plucker
- UNSC Spartans: TMC & Serina Enjoyer
- Old Republic: JangoD'Soul
- Cyberdemonic Armors: AOBA
- demons: Chicken Plucker
- Everything else .xml and weapon textures: Chicken Plucker
- C#: Taranchuk

The costs when I do get charged for these are a massive hit on the wallet. It's $120 per 4 armour sets from me so I hope the reception on these mods when they come out will be positive and potentially result in more people donating to continue funding future projects. Obviously it's never necessary for people since mods are mods and will always be free, but I'm just venting the ouchie on over 300 USD spent on Jango, TMC and Fiendakko so far since 2023 began not counting Taranchuk's C# bill that goes well beyond that.

Anyways, see you guys soon with some progress. After First Order and Utilitarian I plan to press on with UAC to complete all human factions with DOOM, polish the mercenary system and potentially release the Mandalorians and work on them alongside or just before the demons. I know the bulk of the work with demons will be on me since the monsters are gonna be my bag. Hopefully AOBA finishes the cyberdemonic stuff to a high standard.

As busy as I am and as slow as the progress is, I can't wait for the chaos that will be First Order imperials, UAC and V.O.I.D. shooting each other while a Cyberdemon lobs rockets at everyone. I may allow the First Order to side with UAC, so we'll just throw in some Marauders with their Crucible axes that will make everyone here happy.

Chicken Plucker

Progress Reportamundo 2

Fiendakko has finished all Utilitarian textures. I just asked him to correctly label the filenames and fix one of the armors which only have one set of pouches compared to the ref.

(Note to self: Add rifle slings)

Here's the future preview image for Utilitarian. Drew it over some of the textures in the mod and this reference here:

It's okay guys, I still got it.  8) I honestly started to believe I wasn't able to continue the tradition of these detailed previews anymore. The original background was artwork I've touched up also.

Obviously the guys are doing a CASEVAC and correctly leaving one person with suppressive fire while they're moving because they're awesomely trained individuals who don't break the golden rule of "no movement without fire". I feel it's an excellent detail and intro for who these guys are in one image.

MG-88 Enforcer
Chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO from DOOM 3, will be standard issue for Utilitarian pawnkinds.

Pawnkind food type:
- Survival Packaged Meals
Will be the standard food for the pawnkinds, no need for me to make a new ration pack.

- Thirsty Burst
Lemonade freshness.

No cigarettes since the Bounty Hunters already have Sotoxi, but I'll code it so that Utilitarian guys spawn with them if both mods are enabled. The mod is almost out, just some more work to do regarding UI art and all the coding. Afterwards I'll do First Order if Taranchuk does their C# and get back into UAC.

In other news, Serina Enjoyer is almost finished with Mark V(B) power armor for Halo.

Just need sides and other helmet views, then I'll ask for Air Assault. I intend to make him do Spartan III armors, all the ones Noble Team uses and Hazop. I've still got a lot of work to do while busy with career so this is gonna be a grizz to get demons out.

I am thinking about adding mechs for both First Order, Utilitarian and UAC. We'll see where that goes but I'll leave it cut if its too much trouble. They would function as mechanoids since vehicle mods be damned, they just won't seem to come so I'll figure out a way to do it myself for factions even if they aren't vehicles.

See you guys later, hopefully with a mod release and bug fixes.

Chicken Plucker

Hi all. Aiming for utilitarian this weekend. Fingers crossed. Fiendakko isn't responding so I may have to do revisions myself.

Progress report:
- Awaiting armor revisions

First Order:
- Thog has joined the cast n crew of RH2. Rhyme not intended.

- First Order is now pending Jet Trooper armor
- First Order is now pending a weapon for jet troopers


- TMC has finished Scout texture, Halo 4 version.

Flippin heck I dislike this new Ludeon layout for mobile. I had to type the BBCode one by one cause highlighting words ended up dragging to top of page. Tynonpls

Anyway guys, see you soon. Hope more work gets done.

Chicken Plucker

1.4 Updates: Google Drive Link

RH2 Rimmu-Nation 2 - Clothing
- removed industrial apparel from non-electric stage of tech

RH2 Rimmu-Nation 2 - Weapons
- DMR and Modern sniper rifles moved to precision rifling research

RH2 Faction - V.O.I.D.
- Bug fixes

RH2 Faction - Rangers
- Backpacks research fixes
- Experimental hiring system in comms console implemented

RH2 Faction - Task Force 141
- Backpacks research fixes

RH2 Faction - Bounty Hunters
- Grammar fixes on enlistment

CPERS - Arrest Here
- New feature that lets you select who is being "arrested here" to stop people from accidentally arresting babies

Hello guys, Utilitarian ain't coming out today sadly. I am aware some of you may have been anxiously waiting so my apologies for the bad news of its delay.

Something came up this earlier week and we're on another exercise all week this following. I've also been busy being given other tasks and another course to do in my own time. It's been rough having my own freedom to relax but its good that I am progressing irl as opposed to virtual accomplishments. I must admit I wasted my weekend mincing and playing video games instead of getting on with pressing for Utilitarian or other productive things, so I admit I dropped the ball there. Sorry ladies and chickens.

Anyways, I'll present some progress and post updates for mods.

Utilitarian progress:

Mission screen UI for you budding Utilitarian contractors when you "log in" the intranet. By log in, I mean clicking the missions UI in the enlistment screen from caravan mode. It's based off a teleportation console in DOOM 3.

(Bounty Hunters UI screen for comparison)
Quote from: Chicken Plucker on November 17, 2022, 03:13:45 PM

Utilitarian's custom salary UI art, it's a Titan Corp debit card/credit card. For those who don't know, Titan Corp is a referenced corporation in Utilitarian's concept art. Implies that they created their armor. Not only this, Titan Corp also appears in some of the heavy machinery that UAC uses for the Mars installation, so it seems its a contracted engineering based corporation by the big three letters.

Recolored UAC box from their concept art that I vectorized from the Bounty Hunters version.

Provisions UI, touched up and vectorized for Utilitarian. I thought it'd be appropriate since Titan Corp makes its own armors, so I wouldn't re-use the UAC box for issue kit.

Static Rifle
Thinking about giving their Marksmen this Static Rifle since the 7.62x51mm that MG-88 Enforcer uses isn't gonna take down their stronger enemies quick enough. Thoughts? It will mean static rifle is excluded in the main DOOM mod. Wasn't planning on adding Static Rifle anyway, so I thought it'd be nice to have a higher tier weapon for the boys in uniform when this whole mod series comes to an end with demons.

(extra preview art for the steam page. may change the BG since it looks too realistic despite the vectorization)


Last but not least, my planned soundtrack for the mission board. It's another remix by none other than Jupiter who also did the Hellwalker remix that I took for Bounty Hunters. This time it's a cover version of "Tweaker" from DOOM 3 done in Mick Gordon's style. It'll be Utilitarian's theme while you are on their mission board.

Chicken Plucker

Yes lads I am sorry, still no Utilitarian. I've been slowly but surely doing coding here and there, it's still a mess. All problems texture wise has been addressed and finalized.

Thogg is doing a medkit for Utilitarian, it's a DOOM 3 small medic kit that will be a superior medicine to glittertech medicine carried by their high end troops.

Progress report then, let's focus on the bright side:


Serina is almost finished with MARK V(B) for Halo, finally got to doing side. Says he lost the fat side view so he's gotta redo that. After he's done, he'll start Air Assault.

Odz decided to come back in the project and do us all a favour. Did a concept for marine and army UNSC uniforms for me, this is how it will look like when their troops show up. Whether or not he'll do ODST, currently unknown.

TMC has begun EVA armor. He's just finished Scout (Halo 4 version) Accidentally did the Mark II variant from Halo 4 and above, I wanted the original but he's already started. He's not much of a Halo afficionado so he couldn't tell the difference. I think the armor looks good anyway so whatever.

Star Wars:
Jango has finished Jet Trooper textures

- I've decided to begin sorting the first order files and do the preview soon as Utilitarian is out.
- C# side of First Order, new features will be on hiatus since Taranchuk is not beginning work on any of my requests yet including a long list of bug fixes. Likely he's busy.

"Wow chicken, we totally care, how have you been doing?" Woah guys thanks for asking, it's been an eventful month.

I've been thrown in another week of exercise right after celebrating to you guys here that I've finished the one weeks ago, got myself kidney infection, got thrown in a course and next week, another exercise. It's relentless guys, my only free time is the weekend. I wrestle with doing the boring repetitive coding I gotta do to push content out or do something I actually find interesting that won't progress mod development.

I've spent some of my weekend doing animations since I am interested in re-igniting that old passion. If any of you are interested, here's one I made recently instead of updating Utilitarian for a release (sry)


Anyway lads, next post should be the mod release. Will push this weekend before exercise for Utilitarian. If I release First Order, may keep it on Ludeon for now and they will function as rough outlander like enemies, no other fancy coding besides that till Taran gets to do all my bug fix requests sadly.

If the next post isn't a release it'll probably be because something went seriously wrong, not anticipating that for now so it's coolio, see you guys then.

Chicken Plucker

1.4 Updates: Google Drive Link

RH2 Faction - Utilitarian
- Release

RH2 Mods - Re-balanced projectiles for a better vanilla experience.

Mods updated and affected by this re-balance
  • RH2 Faction: Rangers
  • RH2 Faction: Task Force 141
  • RH2 Faction: Bounty Hunters
  • RH2 Faction: V.O.I.D.
  • RH2 Rimmu-Nation 2 - Weapons
  • RH2 Rimmu-Nation 2 - Security

All projectiles re-balanced closer to vanilla. Rockets and melee mostly unchanged.

Samael Gray did all the coding. I'll explain why this had to happen below.

Uncle Boris' - Used Furniture

- Remastered textures by DanDMan for trashcan, basketball hoop and football goalpost (not soccer, get outta here with that) and etc.
- Flood lamps now rotatable

Rimmu-Nation 2 - Weapons Drama
Reason for this complete RH2 rebalance:
Everyone's been pretty much asking for it since the start, it's been a long time coming. I kept the old system out of respect and trust to the person who coded it originally, though you will see what he decided to do below.

The individual who initially did the code returned and threatened to take me to court (IF he didn't get his demands). He attempted to DMCA takedown Rimmu-Nation 2 - Weapons. It doesn't work cause he doesn't actually own copyright or trademark rights to the .xml file he coded. It's an .xml file that belongs to Ludeon.

Why did this disgruntled ex-.xml friendamundo do this, you ask? Well according to him we had an agreement that I wouldn't make money off modding, and he would help me code for that promise. He believes I broke this promise due to the ko-fi links in my mods. He says, I have monetized my mods and that if I don't remove his code because of it, in his own words "You better find a good lawyer." (I have already by the way, he saved me from Rimdeed pro bono and he'd have covered my ass again.)

I had the option to keep his .xml values  since I would technically be breaking zero laws since he can't actually own numbers in a file (not even proper coding, just the number values.), but I chose to just redo this and save everyone the hassle. Nobody wins at the end of this.

Obviously, I'm a bit furious. He's an old friend and person I looked up to but he was willing to (in my mind) destroy my life over ego and an .xml file if he had the means and power to. I kept the code for sentimental reasons, I trusted his knowledge on projectiles, now I don't want anything to do with it.

With that said, Rimmu-Nation Weapons 1 is off limits to me. In the unlikely event gets maintained by me, I can't keep the old projectile codes.

Anyway, there's my eventful, unlawful second DMCA takedown. Praise the Lord I'm covered again. I just wrote all that to vent guys, it's bloody exhausting enough dealing with real life, now I gotta have bullcrap in modding too. No reason for someone who was an old friend to go after me like that, and it's not that they could've have actually done anything to me in the first place, it's that they had the intent to. On the brighter side of the grass, I'm on a green exercise that's competition based in 2 weeks. Gonna get thrashed.

Livin' the dream.

Chicken Plucker

Was a hell of a week for me, full of challenges, some good some bad and endured hailstorms and all kinds of difficulty out there in the woods. Hope you guys had a better week.



TMC has added another armor in the list for Halo. EVA armor done, he accidentally did new gen so we're keeping it.

Decided we won't bother with the old one now since a duplicate would be a waste of time and resources.

He's currently working on Recon armor. He is doing the original version from Halo 3.


AOBA's returning work on Cyberdemonic armors. This armor set, once done will lead to me doing the demon pawn textures later and they will be part of a greater faction that could potentially overpower even VOID.

I'm asking AOBA to keep the armors uncolorable, asked him to include the intestine effect on all of them. Cultists will wear these armors and they'll have access to UAC equipment.

Their pawns will never retreat.

Star Wars:

First Order faction's preview being done by me. Once done, I will begin coding. After done, I will release here for early access potentially. Will not release anything Star Wars on Steam until UAC is done from my current planning.

Old republic faction:

Pawntypes planned:
- Republic Troopers
- Specialist (Will use the TD-17A armor set and long ranged blaster)
- Republic Special Forces
- HAVOC trooper
- Vanguard

Jango has begun work on Old Republic trooper armors. Thogg is set to do the weapons for them as well.

The Old Republic remnants are scattered throughout the outer rim still fulfilling their duties, unaware that countless years have passed since the fall of the Jedi and the republic they very well knew.

I can't wait to see these guys fight the First Order, it'll be the old vs new and players using the enlistment system will get to choose sides.

Anyway guys, still got tons to do and be busy for. Hopefully I get things done around here.