[1.2.2900] Surgery tab not showing up for some neutral/allied pawns when rescued

Started by Mutchs, March 23, 2021, 11:11:04 PM

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Hello, I have a problem, in my rimworld, the neutral colonists (without faction) and  allied factions, when rescued and put in a bed to rest, most of them do not have the button for surgery, and this with rimworld without mods, this is something totally random, I tried with animals and prisoners, and the buttons appears.

This gets in the way, because if an ally falls, and needs surgery to amputate an infected member, or transplant an organ, the button appears for colonists themselves, but not for neutral/allies factions, not even guests, I would like to know if someone has been through this problem, know the reason and how to solve it.

In these images, I tested on 6 colonists, only 2 show the surgery tab, they are colonists from other factions or they are alone.

The steps simply are, create a new game, build some medical beds, spawn some colonists from other factions and some without faction, make them suffer damage until they fall to the floor, and rescue them, after healing their wounds you will see that some will have the button for operation and others not

The log did not open or showed any error, it would help a lot if someone knows how to solve this.

(sorry for my various grammatical errors, I'm using google translator).


I also noticed this. I thought that you shouldnt be able to do surgeries on guests so I didnt pay it any mind.


Visitors with very poor moving or consciousness can be operated on.
Extreme infection will lower consciousness to 10%, allowing operation.
Visitors will quite happily continue their journey hopping away on one leg.
You don't get extra points for replacing badly lacerated but healable legs with peglegs or for performing surprise liver exchange.

The surgery tab won't be there unless the game thinks they NEED surgery to get off the map. Or a quick fix for their go-juice addiction or whatever.

Sometimes visitors pick up and carry incapacitated members of their faction away. In case of missing spines and whatnot.


I understand, the reason for the surgery would be in the event of a battle on my map, an ally having his heart destroyed, as I have the mod death rattle and  life support, normally I would have time to give him a transplant to survive, but I would no longer know if I could perform the procedure depending on your mobility or awareness.

but thanks for clarifying the problem.