If Ludeon came out with another DLC for Rimworld, what would you want it to add?

Started by David35, February 27, 2021, 06:13:24 AM

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Quote from: Maverik on May 24, 2021, 07:23:04 AMBetter using the developing time on adding cool new features.
Well, multiplayer would be a cool, new feature.

I'd think a low-tech/medieval planet modifier/overhaul would be pretty cool. Being able to play a medieval-type of game without being bombarded with high-tech guns and technology.

Another wish of mine would be for a DLC that would let you turn your colony into a hotel, a tavern, an amusement park, a shopping arcade, a zoo or a safari. Let my colony become an industry with meaningful interaction and effect on the world.


It's been said already but I just wanted to second these ideas:
-Colonist procreation
-More things to do with water and/or ocean biomes
-Some kind of notification when my workbench tasks don't have adequate resources
-Better ways to level shooting skill. And others potentially? I'm not sure if any others need it


I'd really like to see ammo as a part of the game. The only mod I have become dependent on is the ammunition mod. Really adds to the game.


I mean "Rimworld: Generations" would be a great name for a mod :)

I would also like to see something like Giddy up and things like carts added to the base game.


I'd like to see more story generation potential for social relationships between colonists. Have them remember more important points in the colony's history, add more uniqueness to their personalities. (Basically replace and expand upon the popular Psychology mod)

Ideology seems to be expanding on this with roles for Leaders and Guidance pawns, this is a good step!

Also it's about time Tynan added more to the "race" characteristic that every pawn has. So far we only have normal (although cannibalistic prone) humans. The next DLC should feature more on all the strange, awful, and wonderful mutated derivatives that humans in the galaxy have spawned. Or focus on the sci-fi space side of it and even add a rare alien humanoid race to the Rimworld.

I'm not sure what would be lore friendly for rimworld, that will be up to the developer, Tynan, but my guess is that any potential "alien" race might be psionic plant related - while in fact being the indigenous species.


automation to some degree and have a way to command imperatives to pawns, like, instead of having to manually command a pawn to do X thing while pushing shift to add it to its cue, I would have the option to mark something as imperative so it gets done to completion when I command it. instead of having to fight the pawn, as they tend to do 1 step of a task, then jump to another one. and you have to keep giving the order to do that important task.

also have a better priority system added, like, when you see a pawn, that falls next to another one, they ignore it completly. or even the doctor taking no action with people about to die, cause nah... sleepy time.
the same thing with cleaning, instead of completing a room they will do a little bit and go somwhere else or to clean the dirt outside.
if you can imagine it I can build it with pixels.
if I cant well then imagine something else.


My wishlist would look like that:
- Multiplayer, obviously. Playing with friends and raiding them would be awesome!
- More diplomacy options, more interactions with other factions
- Vehicles, ships. I would love to sail around the world! Maybe train lines as a addition to streets
- Maybe more features for lowtech, so playing tribal/medieval style would be even cooler

Oh, and more server capacities for the Ludeon homepage and forums, because at the moment, it's really slooooow :D


Multiple Z-Levels, multiplayer or water, that's for sure. Though, it would probably seriously break the existing defence balance, but balance could be fixed.