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Author Topic: Problem with debug-log start up with a few mods  (Read 1389 times)


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Problem with debug-log start up with a few mods
« on: April 25, 2021, 06:00:50 PM »

I'm having trouble with my mod list. Firstly I can't send the whole debug log since I get the 422 "Unprocessable entity" error.

This is the mod-list I'm running- Copy pasted using the mod manager mod. In the attachments are the three kinds of errors I get in the start-up. I'm not sure if these errors are not important, or could break the game after a while of playing.

Version: 1
Name: Test
- Id: brrainz.harmony
  Name: Harmony
- Id: me.samboycoding.betterloading
  Name: BetterLoading
- Id: ludeon.rimworld
  Name: Core
- Id: ludeon.rimworld.royalty
  Name: Royalty
- Id: unlimitedhugs.hugslib
  Name: HugsLib
- Id: kentington.saveourship2
  Name: Save Our Ship 2
- Id: sarg.alphaships
  Name: Alpha Ships
- Id: haplo.miscellaneous.robots
  Name: Misc. Robots
- Id: helldragger.sos2heatstatistics
  Name: Save our ship 2 - Heat statistics
- Id: fluffy.modmanager
  Name: Mod Manager
- Id: dubwise.rimefeller
  Name: Rimefeller
- Id: dninemfive.d9framework
  Name: D9 Framework
- Id: saakra.empire
  Name: Empire
- Id: torann.rimwar
  Name: Rim War
- Id: roolo.whatthehack
  Name: What the hack?!
- Id: roolo.almostthere
  Name: Almost There!
- Id: unlimitedhugs.allowtool
  Name: Allow Tool
- Id: oskarpotocki.vanillafactionsexpanded.core
  Name: Vanilla Expanded Framework
- Id: oskarpotocki.vfe.mechanoid
  Name: Vanilla Factions Expanded - Mechanoids
- Id: oskarpotocki.vfe.insectoid
  Name: Vanilla Factions Expanded - Insectoids
- Id: vanillaexpanded.achievements
  Name: Vanilla Achievements Expanded
- Id: dylan.animalgear
  Name: Animal Gear
- Id: sarg.alphaanimals
  Name: Alpha Animals
- Id: fluffy.animaltab
  Name: Animal Tab
- Id: revolus.animalsarefun
  Name: Animals are fun
- Id: oblitus.animalslogic
  Name: Animals Logic
- Id: neceros.antigrain
  Name: Antigrain
- Id: com.bymarcin.architecticons
  Name: Architect Icons
- Id: jgh.archotechbrain
  Name: Archotech Brain
- Id: fluffy.areaunlocker
  Name: Area Unlocker
- Id: razor2.3.anotherrimworldmod.autocutblight
  Name: Auto-Cut Blight
- Id: flyingstar.automortarsunofficial
  Name: Auto-Mortars(Unofficial)
- Id: meltup.beautifuloutdoors
  Name: Beautiful Outdoors
- Id: lbmaian.begonemessage
  Name: Begone, Message!
- Id: madeline.modmismatchformatter
  Name: Better ModMismatch Window
- Id:
  Name: Better Transhumanists
- Id: owlchemist.bettervanillamasking
  Name: Better Vanilla Masking
- Id: falconne.bwm
  Name: Better Workbench Management
- Id: automatic.bionicicons
  Name: Bionic icons
- Id: fluffy.blueprints
  Name: Blueprints
- Id: bs.mbifvte
  Name: Bradson's Main Button Icons for Vanilla Textures Expanded
- Id: translucency.braininajar
  Name: Brain In a Jar
- Id: uuugggg.buildfrominventory
  Name: Build From Inventory
- Id: neceros.bulksmelting
  Name: Bulk Smelting
- Id: fuglypump.bulkstonecutting
  Name: Bulk Stonecutting
- Id: void.charactereditor
  Name: Character Editor
- Id: 5katz.commschat
  Name: Chatting on Comms
- Id: pinochemicali.cheapercomponents
  Name: Cheaper Components
- Id: crashm.colorcodedmoodbar.11
  Name: CM Color Coded Mood Bar [1.1+]
- Id: fluffy.colonymanager
  Name: Colony Manager
- Id: frozensnowfox.complexjobslegacy
  Name: '[FSF] Complex Jobs (Legacy Version)'
- Id: miyamiya.compressedraid.latest
  Name: Compressed Raid
- Id:
  Name: '[KV] Consolidated Traits'
- Id: caesarv6.damageindicators
  Name: Damage Indicators [1.2]
- Id: proxyer.deepscannerpatch
  Name: '[1.2] Deep Scanner Patch'
- Id: unlimitedhugs.defensivepositions
  Name: Defensive Positions
- Id: merthsoft.designatorshapes
  Name: Designator Shapes
- Id: pyrce.dire.raids
  Name: Dire Raids
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vwe
  Name: Vanilla Weapons Expanded
- Id: oskarpotocki.vanillafactionsexpanded.medievalmodule
  Name: Vanilla Factions Expanded - Medieval
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vbrewe
  Name: Vanilla Brewing Expanded
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vfefarming
  Name: Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Farming
- Id: spdskatr.projectrimfactory
  Name: Project RimFactory Revived
- Id: tikubonn.dontblockdoor
  Name: DontBlockDoor[1.0-1.2]
- Id: dracoix.doormat.r12a
  Name: Door Mat
- Id: syrchalis.doormats
  Name: '[SYR] Doormats'
- Id: ryflamer.misc.drawabead
  Name: '[Ry]Draw a bead'
- Id: dubwise.dubsbreakmod
  Name: Dubs Break Mod
- Id: dubwise.dubsmintmenus
  Name: Dubs Mint Menus
- Id: dubwise.dubsperformanceanalyzer
  Name: Dubs Performance Analyzer
- Id: dubwise.dubsskylights
  Name: Dubs Skylights
- Id: edb.preparecarefully
  Name: EdB Prepare Carefully
- Id: nephlite.orbitaltradecolumn
  Name: Utility Columns
- Id: oskarpotocki.vanillaexpanded.royaltypatches
  Name: Vanilla Expanded - Royalty Patches
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vfecore
  Name: Vanilla Furniture Expanded
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vfespacer
  Name: Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Spacer Module
- Id: frozensnowfox.efficientutilities
  Name: '[FSF] Efficient Utilities'
- Id: frozensnowfox.encountermapresources
  Name: '[FSF] Encounter Map Resources'
- Id: uuugggg.everybodygetsone
  Name: Everybody Gets One
- Id:
  Name: '[KV] Faction Control'
- Id: crlsniper.realisticrooms
  Name: Realistic Rooms
- Id: frozensnowfox.filthvanisheswithrainandtime
  Name: '[FSF] Filth Vanishes With Rain And Time'
- Id: alex.friendlyfiretweaks
  Name: Friendly Fire Tweaks
- Id: sarg.geneticrim
  Name: Genetic Rim
- Id: sarg.geneticrimalphaanimals
  Name: GeneticRim Alpha Animals Patch
- Id: roolo.giddyupcore
  Name: Giddy-up! Core
- Id: sarg.giddyupsaddles
  Name: 'Giddy-Up! Add-on: Animal Saddles'
- Id: roolo.giddyupbattlemounts
  Name: Giddy-up! Battle Mounts
- Id: roolo.giddyupcaravan
  Name: Giddy-up! Caravan
- Id: roolo.giddyupmechanoids
  Name: Giddy-up! Mechanoids
- Id: gt.sam.glittertech
  Name: Glitter Tech
- Id: k.glitternet
  Name: GlitterNet
- Id: telefonmast.graphicssettings
  Name: Graphics Settings+
- Id: kittahkhan.grazeup
  Name: '[Kit] Graze up'
- Id: frozensnowfox.growableambrosia
  Name: '[FSF] Growable Ambrosia'
- Id: syrchalis.harvestyieldpatch
  Name: '[SYR] Harvest Yield'
- Id: mlie.horrors
  Name: Horrors (Continued)
- Id: orion.hospitality
  Name: Hospitality
- Id: 400.impassablehchestudeephwater
  Name: Impassable Chest-deep Water
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vfepower
  Name: Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Power
- Id: frozensnowfox.improvedvanometricpowercells
  Name: '[FSF] Improved Vanometric Power Cells'
- Id: insertkey.itemlistselector
  Name: ItemListSelector
- Id: jecrell.jecstools
  Name: JecsTools (Unofficial)
- Id: brrainz.justignoremepassing
  Name: Just Ignore Me Passing
- Id: arandomkiwi.killforme
  Name: Kill For Me
- Id: newcolonist.largefactionbases
  Name: Large Faction Bases
- Id:
  Name: '[KV] RimFridge'
- Id: lwm.deepstorage
  Name: LWM's Deep Storage
- Id: ratys.madskills
  Name: Mad Skills
- Id: zylle.mapdesigner
  Name: Map Designer
- Id: unlimitedhugs.mapreroll
  Name: Map Reroll
- Id: pyrce.mass.graves
  Name: Mass Graves
- Id: leafzxg.masterofcooking
  Name: Master of Cooking
- Id: horo.mechaniteforge.11
  Name: Mechanite Forge
- Id: frozensnowfox.meditationfreedom
  Name: '[FSF] Meditation Freedom'
- Id: sumghai.medpod
  Name: MedPod
- Id: spino.megafauna
  Name: Megafauna
- Id: notfood.mendandrecycle
  Name: MendAndRecycle
- Id: neceros.metaldontburn
  Name: Metal Don't Burn
- Id: 4loris4.morelinkables
  Name: More Linkables
- Id: frozensnowfox.morequests
  Name: '[FSF] More Quests'
- Id: pinochemicali.moretradeships
  Name: More Trade Ships
- Id:
  Name: '[KV] More Trait Slots'
- Id: hobtook.mortaraccuracy
  Name: Mortar Accuracy
- Id: bar0th.nodebris
  Name: No Debris 1.1/1.2
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vfesecurity
  Name: Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Security
- Id: frozensnowfox.nodefaultshelfstorage
  Name: '[FSF] No Default Shelf Storage'
- Id: doug.nojobauthors
  Name: No Job Authors
- Id: ogre.ogrestack
  Name: OgreStack
- Id: proxyer.optionalicons4ai
  Name: Optional Icons for Architect Icons
- Id: wemd.partiallypassablewindturbines
  Name: '[WD] Partially-Passable Wind Turbines'
- Id: 123nick.pawnsaredrowning
  Name: Pawns are Drowning
- Id: fed1splay.pawntargetfix
  Name: PawnTargetFix
- Id: mlie.pickupandhaul
  Name: Pick Up And Haul (Continued)
- Id: vanya.polarisbloc.corelab
  Name: Polarisbloc - Core LAB
- Id: vanya.polarisbloc.securityforce
  Name: Polarisbloc - Security Force
- Id: vanya.polarisbloc.mechenemy
  Name: Polarisbloc - Mechenemy
- Id: vanya.polarisbloc.storytellerincidentspack
  Name: Polarisbloc - Storyteller incidents pack
- Id: simmin.powertools
  Name: Power Tools
- Id: arandomkiwi.powerpp
  Name: Power++
- Id: hatti.qualitybuilder
  Name: QualityBuilder
- Id: hatti.qualitysurgeon
  Name: QualitySurgeon
- Id: saucypigeon.realisticplanets
  Name: Realistic Planets - Fan Update
- Id: automatic.recipeicons
  Name: Recipe icons
- Id: sneaks.recycle
  Name: Recycle 1.2
- Id: legodude17.rocketreloading
  Name: Reloadable Rockets
- Id: weilbyte.renamecolony
  Name: RenameColony
- Id: uuugggg.replacestuff
  Name: Replace Stuff
- Id: notfood.researchpal
  Name: ResearchPal
- Id: vinalx.researchpalforked
  Name: ResearchPal - Forked
- Id: dubwise.rimatomics
  Name: Rimatomics
- Id: jaxe.rimhud
  Name: RimHUD
- Id: radzerp.neorimnauts
  Name: RimNauts
- Id: arandomkiwi.rimsaves
  Name: RimSaves
- Id: uuugggg.roomfood
  Name: Room Food
- Id: mobius.royaltytweaks
  Name: Royalty Tweaks
- Id: roolo.runandgun
  Name: RunAndGun
- Id: user19990313.runtimegc
  Name: RuntimeGC
- Id: riddle78.sealed.power.armour
  Name: Sealed Power Armour
- Id: roolo.searchanddestroy
  Name: Search and Destroy
- Id: syrchalis.setupcamp
  Name: '[SYR] Set Up Camp'
- Id: sf.grim.reality
  Name: SF Grim Reality
- Id: uuugggg.sharetheload
  Name: Share The Load
- Id: targhetti.showdrafteesweapon
  Name: Show Draftees Weapon
- Id: erdelf.showmoddesignators
  Name: ShowModDesignators
- Id: gguake.ui.simplesearchbar
  Name: Simple Search Bar
- Id: petetimessix.simplesidearms
  Name: Simple sidearms
- Id: neceros.simpleturrets
  Name: Simple Turrets
- Id: mlie.simplymorebridges
  Name: Simply More Bridges (Continued)
- Id: okradonkey.singleplanttexturepatch
  Name: Single Plant Texture Patch (Reupload)
- Id: pinochemicali.skilledstonecutting
  Name: Skilled Stonecutting
- Id: uuugggg.smartmedicine
  Name: Smart Medicine
- Id: sarg.smartspeed
  Name: Smart Speed
- Id: dhultgren.smarterconstruction
  Name: Smarter Construction
- Id: legodude17.smartdecon
  Name: Smarter Deconstruction
- Id: weilbyte.snapout
  Name: Snap Out!
- Id: albion.sparklingworlds.full
  Name: Sparkling Worlds - Full Mod
- Id: linkolas.stabilize
  Name: Stabilize
- Id: zhrocks11.stackablechunks
  Name: Stackable Chunks [Continued]
- Id: balistafreak.stopdropandroll
  Name: Stop, Drop, And Roll! [BAL]
- Id: mlie.suprememelee
  Name: Supreme Melee (Continued)
- Id: rsev.synergistictraits
  Name: Synergistic Traits
- Id: uuugggg.tdpack
  Name: TD Enhancement Pack
- Id: murmur.tcu
  Name: Temperature Control Unit
- Id: gt.sam.tilledsoil
  Name: Tilled Soil
- Id: jaxe.toggleharvest
  Name: Toggle Harvest
- Id: carnysenpai.traitraritycolors
  Name: Trait Rarity Colors
- Id: marvinkosh.ughyougotme
  Name: Ugh You Got Me
- Id: grimm.unlimited
  Name: Un-Limited
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vaeas
  Name: Vanilla Animals Expanded — Arid Shrubland
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vaeau
  Name: Vanilla Animals Expanded — Australia
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vaebf
  Name: Vanilla Animals Expanded — Boreal Forest
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vaecd
  Name: Vanilla Animals Expanded — Cats and Dogs
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vaed
  Name: Vanilla Animals Expanded — Desert
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vaeendandext
  Name: Vanilla Animals Expanded — Endangered
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vaeed
  Name: Vanilla Animals Expanded — Extreme Desert
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vaeis
  Name: Vanilla Animals Expanded — Ice Sheet
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vaetf
  Name: Vanilla Animals Expanded — Temperate Forest
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vaetr
  Name: Vanilla Animals Expanded — Tropical Rainforest
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vaets
  Name: Vanilla Animals Expanded — Tropical Swamp
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vaet
  Name: Vanilla Animals Expanded — Tundra
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vappe
  Name: Vanilla Apparel Expanded
- Id: vanillaexpanded.varme
  Name: Vanilla Armour Expanded
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vbookse
  Name: Vanilla Books Expanded
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vbrewecandt
  Name: Vanilla Brewing Expanded - Coffees and Teas
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vcooke
  Name: Vanilla Cooking Expanded
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vcookestews
  Name: Vanilla Cooking Expanded - Stews
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vcef
  Name: Vanilla Fishing Expanded
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vcookesushi
  Name: Vanilla Cooking Expanded - Sushi
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vee
  Name: Vanilla Events Expanded
- Id: oskarpotocki.vanillafactionsexpanded.settlersmodule
  Name: Vanilla Factions Expanded - Settlers
- Id: oskarpotocki.vfe.vikings
  Name: Vanilla Factions Expanded - Vikings
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vfeart
  Name: Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Art
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vfemedical
  Name: Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Medical Module
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vfeproduction
  Name: Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Production
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vfepropsanddecor
  Name: Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Props and Decor
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vhe
  Name: Vanilla Hair Expanded
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vhe.beards
  Name: Vanilla Hair Expanded - Beards
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vplantse
  Name: Vanilla Plants Expanded
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vplantsesucculents
  Name: Vanilla Plants Expanded - Succulents
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vanillasocialinteractionsexpanded
  Name: Vanilla Social Interactions Expanded
- Id: vse.empressevil
  Name: Vanilla Storytellers Expanded - Empress Evil
- Id: vse.freyafierce
  Name: Vanilla Storytellers Expanded - Freya Fierce
- Id: vse.igorinvader
  Name: Vanilla Storytellers Expanded - Igor Invader
- Id: vse.oskarobnoxious
  Name: Vanilla Storytellers Expanded - Oskar Obnoxious
- Id: vse.perrypersistent
  Name: Vanilla Storytellers Expanded - Perry Persistent
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vtexe
  Name: Vanilla Textures Expanded
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vanillatraitsexpanded
  Name: Vanilla Traits Expanded
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vwec
  Name: Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Coilguns
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vweq
  Name: Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Quickdraw
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vwel
  Name: Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Laser
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vwehw
  Name: Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Heavy Weapons
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vweft
  Name: Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Frontier
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vweg
  Name: Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Grenades
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vwems
  Name: Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Makeshift
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vwenl
  Name: Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Non-Lethal
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vwetb
  Name: Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Tribal
- Id: sulusdacor.james76543.meltup.advancedpowerplus
  Name: Advanced Power Plus
- Id: brrainz.achtung
  Name: Achtung!
- Id: mlie.variousspaceshipchunk
  Name: Various Space Ship Chunk (Continued)
- Id: ogliss.toastehs.veinminer
  Name: Veinminer R1.1
- Id: murmur.walllight
  Name: Wall Light
- Id: zzz.wallvitalsmonitor
  Name: Wall Vitals Monitor
- Id: bodlosh.weaponstats
  Name: WeaponStats
- Id: revolus.whatsmissing
  Name: What's Missing?
- Id:
  Name: What's That Mod
- Id: odeum.wmbp
  Name: World Map Beautification Project
- Id: com.prostheticnomissingbodyparts.rimworld.mod
  Name: Prosthetic No Missing Body Parts
- Id: dninemfive.advancedshieldbelts
  Name: Advanced Shield Belts
- Id: anomalous.dynamicpopulation
  Name: Dynamic Population
- Id: vanillaexpanded.vtexgr
  Name: Vanilla Textures Expanded - Genetic Rim
- Id: arquebus.hotseat
  Name: Hotseat - Dynamic Storyteller Switcher


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Re: Problem with debug-log start up with a few mods
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2021, 03:06:15 AM »

there are serveral way to share the log(file).
I think you tried the "Share log" button and got that error msg. very untypical.
But Rimworld create a new player.log each start (button at the option for the file location).

But anyway,
XML error mosttime mean some typo/syntax error at a mod,
Exception is mosttimes complicated, maybe you miss a required mod or didn't load it before the mod which need it.
You can try to take a keyword from the error like "shuttlepersonalrace" and do a search at the Mods folder to find the mod.

My suggestion,
deactivate all mods (you can keep the libaries,harmony,hugslib,jecstools,Alien framework, other frameworks).
Then activate mods at small batches (5-10 or maybe more if you are sure they are errorfree).
When you don't got error's activate the next batch.
But when you got error's identify the mod.
Check the mod description if you maybe miss a required mod.
Check the mod discussion if error's are allready known ? If not ask there about the error then the mod author can deal with it.

Better don't use mod's that give out error's mosttime the mod don't work correct anyway and can cause more trouble later during gameplay which you can't fix.
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