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Started by zbysiek12345, March 10, 2021, 02:22:21 AM

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3 days ago i bought in game name for me and my fiance.
Both names was rejected. Ok my nickname "Pauaqq" sounds like internet hande.
But I don't agree with rejected "Kajdua".

I get answer:
"Sorry, please choose a conversational nickname - something people would call a colleague or friend in real life"

The problem is that I call her "Kajdua" everyday, every morning I wake up with her and everytime I say I love her.
Pls. accept atleast this one... It's common, and it's from her real name - Klaudia.


You should write an email to Tynan directly. He takes these things seriously and will probably accept both of them if you explain this to him


@Alenerel thx I do this


While playing games, I often use a fake name. The first reason is because it's easy to call. The second reason is, I can hide my identity and easily distract the opponent. In the end, I found using a fake name to be less embarrassing when I lost.  :D  ;D like smash karts game, I also put a nickname to play.