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  • April 22, 2021, 10:44:10 AM
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Author Topic: Does my colonist wealth count towards the raid strength calculation?  (Read 458 times)


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I've seen mixed answers online. The wiki says no, but some people say yes. I decided to just come here to this forum for answers.

Does my colonist wealth count towards the raid strength calculation? Or is the wiki correct in that it's only item wealth and building wealth. Also is item wealth considered if it's equipped to my colonist i.e. weapons and armor?

I have one colonist who's worth $5,000 market value, is this contributing to making my raids harder?


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Why you don't answer your question self ?
When you got a safegame, just write down your wealth.
Then just enable developer mode, then over the debug action menu use Destroy and destroy all your pawns/colonist.
Compare your wealth.
Reload the safegame.


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what do you mean by colonist wealth? the items they are carrying/wearing? if its that, yes, it does count. if you mean only pure naked colonists/animals, yes they also do count. and i also bet that when they increase their skill levels it also increases the colony wealth (just check the EDB prepare carefully mod, how the points go up, or the difference in costs between prisoners)

basically look at your wealth tab, it has a graph with different lines, one being the pawns and animals, and everything in this graph contributes to raid strength. just do what the user above said if you still have doubts
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Pawns are the single biggest contributor to raid wealth calculations, IIRC.
Thanks, belgord!