[1.2.2900] Line of sight bug

Started by Phomor, May 02, 2021, 07:21:13 AM

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With certain angles, colonist 1 can shoot and hit colonist 2, even though colonist 2 is behind a wall and can't shoot back.

Savefile: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KhgH2DEH5x5LZlZxTEtUiTKZaK-TMVKO/view


basicly nothing new.
And it is because how the Line of sight/shooting get calculated.
Don't forget it is a tile grid, and the calculation isn't the line which got drawn, it is the path the pawn would move.
So it can happen that the path is blocked from one side, but free from the other.


So you're saying it's not a bug, it's just atrociously bad and unintuitive design?


Since i didn't found the older topic about this, i just remember there allready was a discussion about it.
I can't say anything what the dev's said about it at the past.

Sure it is a minor bug, because the devs could use a different methode for the Line of sight calculation.


I wouldn't call it that minor, you can easily lose colonists and in extreme cases entire colonies to it.


What only happen on just 1 pawn and only when you let him wait there.
If you let a group wait maybe just on of them encounter the issue.
When you order a pawn/group to attack they move anyway until they have line of sight.
That why i rate it minor. And normaly people watch these firefights and notice early that their pawn don't shoot back.
And normaly they let their pawn seek cover to avoid damage, and then this behavior rarely happen.


The thing is though that it can happen directly after you move somebody into cover.

I moved Dvengar one tile to the right into cover and he got shot but couldn't shoot back


Did you ever played some FPS ?
When you try to shoot an enemy behind a wall/cover and you just see the tip of an arm/leg you can shoot at. But the enemy can't see/shoot you.

But he is still a good distraction with a good cover, so Schultze (why is Schultze so thin i allways though is is fatty) can freely shoot .

But out discussion is nice, but pointless until some Devs comment it.


Edge cases like this are simply edge cases, and shouldn't be a problem with someone paying attention to their combat.  Thanks for the feedback though, I'll post it to be reviewed.


It is true there are some long-standing issues with line of sight. Reports like this are useful and I thank everyone for  taking the time to write them. Issue are recorded and in the bug pool, which is being worked on!
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