Game crashes as soon as my first quest is given

Started by TheCRUSHofTALOS, April 16, 2021, 04:52:53 PM

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So, I've been playing this game for a little while now and as of recently my game has been crashing when I receive my first quest. I mod the hell out of my game, and my biggest guess as to why it's crashing is because of my mods. Even though I'm new to load orders, I still try my best to figure out things on my own. But I am really stuck here and could use some help.

So when I start the game, everything is fine. I Land, start building, get raided a bunch of times, and spend some days in the game. But as soon as I get the first quest, everything freezes. The music stops, and the only thing that moves is the cursor. Then after a few moments I get the blue loading icon and a "Rimworld Not responding" prompt. And even if I let it continue to load it'll come up again.

So im not sure what to do.
My current version is 1.2
Thank you in advance, I greatly appreciate it.
I'll list my mod list down below.

[Mod list length: 446]

Absolutely No Roof
Advanced Hydroponics
Advanced Mini-Turret
Advanced Parka
Advanced Power Plus
Humanoid Alien Races 2.0
Alien Vs Predator
All Turrets Can Set Forced Target
Allow Tool
Almost There!
Ancient Fallout Armory
Animal Gear
Animal Armor: Vanilla
VGP Vegetable Garden
Animal Feed Trough (Continued)
Animal Medical Bed
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Arid Shrubland
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Australia
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Tundra
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Tropical Rainforest
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Ice Sheet
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Cats and Dogs
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Desert
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Boreal Forest
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Tropical Swamp
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Extreme Desert
Vanilla Expanded Framework
Animals Forage
Animals are fun
Antimatter Annihilation
Apparel Tainted Only When Corpse Rots
Arasaka Corporation [1.2]
Architect Expanded - Fences
Architect Expanded - Fences (Tab Patch)
Architect Icons
Archotech Brain
Archotech Medicine
Archotech Re-Expanded
Armor & UI Uncapper
Armor Racks
Auto-Cut Blight
Avoid Friendly Fire
Basic Medicine
Battery in wall
Beat Your Prisoners
Better Survival Meals
Better Vanilla Masking
Better Workbench Management
Better Zzzt
Bionic icons
Blighted Alert
Brain In a Jar
Brain In a Jar Patch
Bulk Carrier
Bulk Recipe Generator (Continued)
Bulk Smelting
Bulk Stonecutting
Caravan Gear [1.1]
Careful Raids
Cattle Gate
Centralized Climate Control (Continued)
Chill the F*** Out
Combat Update 1.2
Conduits Don't Burn
Glitter Tech
Craftable Glitter Tech Weapons and Apparels Continued
Vanilla Factions Expanded - Vikings
Craftable VFE - Viking Weapons and Armours
Crash Landing
Damage Indicators [1.2]
[KV] RimFridge
LWM's Deep Storage
Dubs Bad Hygiene
Deep Storage Plus
Defensive Positions
Designator Shapes
Do Your F****** Research
Door Mat
Doors Expanded (Dev)id=2195733555]
Dragonfruit (Continued)
Common Sense
Dubs Break Mod
Dubs Mint Menus
Dusk Armory
Dynamic Diplomacy
ETRT: Medicine Production
EdB Prepare Carefully
Electric Butcher Table
Elite Bionics Framework
Endless Rimworld
Enhanced Battery
Epic Rivers
Fahrenheit and Celsius
Fast regen 1.2
Faster Smoothing
Fences And No Floors
Fertile Fields [1.1]
Food Nullifier - Never Eat Food Again!
Fortifications - Neolithic
Functional Room
Gain Skill Passions
Gangar Turret
Gems (Continued)
[JPT] Burn It for Fuel
Giddy-up! Core
Giddy-Up! Add-on: Animal Saddles
Give Me Meat
Glitter Tech Submod - Advanced Bionic Production
Vanilla Expanded - Royalty Patches
Vanilla Furniture Expanded
Go the F*** to Sleep
Gradient Hair
Grazing Lands
Growable Mushrooms
Growable Neutroamine
Half-Life Weapons Pack
Half-Rim 2
HandyUI - Fast Colonist Info
Hay doesn't need Cooling!
Heating Cables
Prison Labor
Hunt for Me
Hydroponics Growth Sync (Continued)
I Clearly Have Enough! (Continued)
Impassable Chest-deep Water
Incident Tweaker
Cupro's Alloys (Continued)
Infestations Spawn in Darkness
Insects have chitin
Interaction Bubbles
Invisible Conduit
Jobs of Opportunity (While You're Up)
Joint Battles
Vanilla Fishing Expanded
Vanilla Plants Expanded
Vanilla Cooking Expanded
Vanilla Brewing Expanded
Kit's Brazilian Crops
Kit's Gunpowder Weapons
Kit's Industrial Weapons
Kit's Roman Weapons
Labels on Floor
Lag Free Lamps
Large Faction Bases
Leaf Like Life
Let's Trade! [Continued]
Level Up!
Locks (DoorsExpanded)
Mad Skills
Map Reroll
Mass Cooking
Mass Graves
Matching Embrasures
Mechanoid Bench
Mechanoid Power (Continued)
Mechanoids Drop Guns! (Continued)
Mechanoids Extraordinaire
Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering
Medical System Expansion 2
A Dog Said... Animal Prosthetics
Giddy-up! Battle Mounts
Giddy-up! Ride and Roll
Giddy-up! Caravan
Metal Don't Burn
Mining Priority
MiningCo. Spaceship
Miscellaneous 'CORE'
Misc. Bees'n'Honey
Misc. Robots
Misc. Craftable Robots
Misc. Craftable Robots Retexture
Misc. MAI
Misc. Training
Misc. Robots++
Work Tab
MiscRobots WorkTab support
Mod Manager
Mod Medicine Patch
More Faction Interaction (Continued)
More Furniture [1.1 + 1.2]
More Linkables
More Planning
More Trade Ships
More Vanilla Turrets 1.1
MorrowRim - Moon Sugar and Skooma
My Little Planet
[JDS] Simple Storage
Netrve's DeepStorage GUI
No Gloves No Boots No Problem
No One Left Behind
Harvest Organs Post Mortem
No Sympathy for Prisoners
Nothing but just a Tent
Optimization: Meats (1.2)
Ore Yields
Over-Wall AC Unit from Vanilla Furniture Expanded
Party Your F****** Ass Off
Pep In Your Step
Perfect Pathfinding
Pick Up And Haul (Continued)
Pirates! (Continued)
Plant Growth Sync
Power Tools
Prepare Landing
Prisoner Recreation
Industrial Rollers
Project RimFactory Lite
Proxy Heat
Psychology (unofficial 1.1/1.2)
Quality Cooldown
Quality Of Building
Quarry 1.1
Quiver: More Bows
RPG Style Inventory (Original Style)
Ra2Bunker (Continued)
Ra2Bunker SC2 addon
Raiders Never Die (Continued)
Raids For Me
Raise The Roof 1.2
Range Finder
Real Faction Guest
Real Silver Weight
Realistic Human Sounds (Continued)
Realistic Planets - Fan Update
Reasonable Components
Recipe icons
Reinforced Walls
Relations Tab
Replace Stuff
Research Info
ResearchPal - Forked
Rim Guns Extended
Rim War
RimCities - Citadel Update
RimCuisine 2 Drugs Standalone
Rimperion (Continued)
Rimsec Security
Rimsenal - Core
Rimsenal - Enhanced Vanilla Pack
Rimsenal - Rimhair
Roads of the Rim (Continued)
Rolling Table
SF More Steel from Slag
Scenario Amender (Continued)
Search and Destroy
Semi Random Research
Share The Load
Show Draftees Weapon
Simple Search Bar
Simple Turrets
Simply More Bridges (Continued)
Simply More Bridges - Medieval
Skilled Stonecutting
Small Comms Console Continued [1.2]
Smart Speed
Smarter Construction
Smarter Deconstruction
Smoked meat
Smokeleaf Industry Reborn
Snap Out!
Solar Flares Affect Mechanoids
Sparkling Worlds - Full Mod
Stack XXL
Stackable Chunks [Continued]
Stop, Drop, And Roll! [BAL]
Storage Solutions
[T] MoreFloors
Stuffed Floors
Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Security
Stuffed Security
Subsurface Conduit
Supreme Melee (Continued
Synergistic Traits
T-45b Power Armor
TMC Armory - Assault Rifles #1
TMC Armory - Community Pack 
TMC Armory - Support Weapons #1
TVForPrison (Continued)
This Is Mine
Thrombo Husbandry
Tilled Soil
Toggle Harvest
Traders Have Money
Trait Rarity Colors
Turret Hunt
Ugh You Got Me
[SYR] Harvest Yield
Use Bedrolls
Utility Columns
Vanilla Factions Expanded - Mechanoids
VFE Mechanoids - Craftable Mechanoid Components (Alternative)
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Endangered
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Temperate Forest
Vanilla Books Expanded
Vanilla Brewing Expanded - Coffees and Teas
Vanilla Cooking Expanded - Stews
Vanilla Cooking Expanded - Sushi
Vanilla Factions Expanded - Mechanoids - Auto-Mortar Shell Choice Patch
Vanilla Hair Expanded
Vanilla Armour Expanded
Vanilla Events Expanded
VGP Garden Gourmet
Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Laser
VGP Garden Resources
VGP Garden Medicine
Vanilla Textures Expanded
Vanilla Apparel Expanded
Vanilla Weapons Expanded
Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Farming
Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Spacer Module
Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Art
VGP Garden Fabrics Simplified
Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Power
Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Production
Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Medical Module
Vanilla Factions Expanded - Medieval
Vanilla Fences
Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Props and Decor
Vanilla Hair Expanded - Beards
Vanilla Plants Expanded - Succulents
Vanilla Storytellers Expanded - Freya Fierce
Vanilla Traits Expanded
Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Coilguns
Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Grenades
Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Heavy Weapons
Vanometric Cell Combining
Various Space Ship Chunk (Continued)
Wall Light
Wandering Caravans
We Had a Trader? (Continued)
What's for sale?
Where is my weapon?
World Map Beautification Project
World Map Beautification Project - for Alpha Biomes
More Vanilla Biomes
World Map Beautification Project - for More Vanilla Biomes
Medical Tab
Smart Medicine
Xenobionic Patcher
Yayo's Bank
Zoological Trader Caravans
[1.2] Simple Recycling
[1.2] Wild Animal Sex V5.0
[CP] Military Furniture
[CP] Portable Power Generator
[CP] Prisoner Outfit
[CP] Rimmu-Nation - Clothing
[CP] Rimmu-Nation - Gloves N' Boots
[CP] Rimmu-Nation - Security
[CP] Rimmu-Nation - Weapons
[CP] U.S. Military Kit
[CP] Vegan Survival Meals
Dubs Rimkit
Fluffy Breakdowns
Colony Manager
[FSF] Complex Jobs (Legacy Version)
Realistic Rooms
[FSF] Filth Vanishes With Rain And Time
[FSF] Growable Ambrosia
[JDS] EFT Apparel
[JDS] Simple Resource Crate
[JDS] Simple Storage - Refrigeration
[JDS] The Forge - Anvil
[JDS] The Forge - NCR Armory
Beautiful Outdoors
[JPT] Open The Windows
[KV] Consolidated Traits
[KV] Faction Control
[KV] More Trait Slots
[KV] Weapon Storage
[Kit] Graze up
[LTO] Colony Groups
[RH2] Rimdeed® - Pawn Recruitment
[Ry]Draw a bead
[SYR] Doormats
[SYR] Metallic Batteries
[SYR] Prosthetic Table
[SYR] Set Up Camp
[WD] Partially-Passable Wind Turbines
[WD] Realistic Darkness
[WD] Reinforced Doors
[XND] Turret Extensions


Crash or force quiet ?
When Rimworld crash, a window open an say it is crashed and a crashed folder with log and dump got created, then you can see possible reasons at the crash msg. at the player.log (at the end) and error.log

When it just force quiet, rimworld just exit without anything.
Here it is harder to say anything, you can look at the player.log for the last messages, but the reason of the force quiet isn't at the log most of the time.

But at an ongoing colony you can't do much anything. Disabling mods is mosttime a bad idea.
If you can narrow down which mod cause the trouble you can report it to the mod author and hope for a fix.

So be sure you don't have error's after you activate a mod.


Thank you, and you're right it was a force quit. Ill check out the player.log and ill see what i find. thanks again!  :D


Those are a lot of mods. I am not surprised that it was a force quit.