[1.2.2900] Red texts with mod "Vanilla Factions Expanded-Mechanoid

Started by KillaPesho, April 19, 2021, 12:29:58 PM

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Hello everybody,
First I will star with that I am new and can't code at all, and some assistance would be gladly welcomed.

So I installed the mentioned mod and got a lot red text with the Debug Log. Thing is it comes only from that mod since I tried it with all and no mods. I will provide a file with the Debug Log.

I tried reinstalling the mod but no luck and as mentioned this happens only with this mod,but if requested I can provide a full list of my mods.
I hope I provided enough information, and thanks in advance.


QuoteFirst I will star with that I am new and can't code at all,
but you can read, so when you are new you should read the houserules at first or not ? :-)
In this case "How to report a bug" at the beginning here.

About your problem,
check the mod description/requirements maybe you miss a mod that is needed to be loaded before.
But anyway, since you allready identify the mod, you should read the mod discussion if someone else encounter similar or ask the mod author/leave a comment at the mod discussion.



That is okay, we all make those mistakes in the beginning.


I will move this post to the modded bugs section in case you haven't been helped there already.