[1.0] Outdoor Lighting - lamp posts, lanterns, solar lamps. automatic off/on

Started by Stormknight, October 22, 2018, 05:26:15 PM

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Hey all,

I've recently got back into Rimworld with the 1.0 release and decided I would like some lights that automatically turned themselves off during the day, to save power when my colonists are busy cooking, smithing and all the other things they do.

So, this add-on was born. I've since added solar-powered lamps too (self-contained, just place them and they light up at night). Oh, and there's some low-tech lanterns too, including a holiday-themed pumpkin lantern that I got an idea for after watching my wife playing Sims 4.

Garden Lanterns
There are three garden lanterns available that can be built without any research needed. Functionally, they are the same as a torch, but hold twice as much "fuel" lasting for 40 days without needing to be re-fuelled.

  • Standard garden lantern - gives off a slightly yellow light.
  • Garden lantern (blue) - the same as the standard lantern, but with slightly different graphics and a blue tint to the light.
  • Pumpkin lantern - there are no pumpkins on the rim, so this is carved from wood and reinforced with a bit of steel.

Outdoor Lamps
A variant of the vanilla Standing Lamp, with additional properties:

  • Alternative graphics for the lamps.
  • The outdoor lamps automatically turn off at 07:00 to save power during the day. They automatically turn back on at 17:00.
  • Once Colored Lighting has been researched, they can be built in a variety of colours, including: red, blue, green, purple, and orange.

Outdoor Solar Lamp
Identical to the Outdoor Lamp from this add-on, except:

  • No need to run power to these lamps - they power themselves by absorbing energy during the day! They can also be easily moved when needed.
  • Visually different - the small solar panel can be seen by the lamp, making it easy to see which lamps are which.

Lamp Posts / Street Lamps
Taller and more powerful than the standard lamp:

  • Larger pool of light, in a variety of colours (requires Colored Lighting has been researched).
    • Provides limited cover in a gun fight.
    [li] Visually different to standards lamps - when placing, circle shows approximate area that will be lit.

Link to Steam workshop:

(attached to this post)

Licensing - free for use. Please don't copy or redistribute without first seeking permission.

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thanks for your mod here.
But as longtime solution you should look for a filehoster.
Since attachments auto. get deleted after 2-3 months.


Cool. It's on the Steam workshop and if there's interest in downloading from here, I'll look into an alternative file hoster.

Thanks for the heads up. :)


You shouldn't await that forum user got access to steam workshop.
The forum is the main access for DRM-free rimworld player.
If you just want a steam release, fine.


I wouldn't be posting here, adding a zip-file of the mod, if I wasn't interested in making the add-on available outside of steam. ;)

As I said, I'll look up additional file-hosting. Any good suggestions?


You could try Dropbox, which is free and easy to use.
Btw, I'm definitely using your mod


Nice one pretty much what i needed, works as inteded and looks very great, thanks!


Note MediaFire is free, but wont let you download if you have an ad-blocker. So the best don't bug people options are Dropbox and GitHub.



I would like to modify this mod for personal use.
I would like to add option for outdoor lights to turn on Eclipse event, but dont know, what would be the code.
I would also like to add another texture to flood lights when lit.
Can someone suggest the code. I know I have to edit Buildings_Furniture_Outdoor.xml