Is there a severity list for medical conditions?

Started by Nyum, April 24, 2021, 01:03:54 PM

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Has anybody published a list of what medical conditions are considered the most severe?  For example, I have a colonist who lost an arm, and is wearing a bionic arm.  He then had a birthday and developed the condition "Frail".   I have one healer mech serum but I don't want it to grow his arm back, I want it to cure his frailty.


In any case you could just try and if you dont get what you like reload the game.
To heal the condition you want you will have to install any kind of prosthetic arm


And even if the serum would heal the frail, at the next birthday the pawn could get it again.

But i can give you hope, the serum wouldn't "heal" the bionic arm. The serum only restore missing limbs and not replace the bionic arm. But if you would remove the bionic arm, the serum would restore the arm before it would heal the frail.


thank you for the replies.  i should have checked the wiki first  :-[