Title Inheritance Bug

Started by Samuelcormier, April 25, 2021, 01:45:41 PM

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One of my colonists died leaving a praetor title to another, I haven't been able to accept the quest due to a "lack of adequate throneroom". The issue stems from my colonist inheriting the title not currently having any title. Aka I cannot assign him to the throne and make the throne room "his". First image is of the throne room, second image is of the. "set ownership page for the throne. Third is the quest that I am unable to accept.

In order to recreate the bug, have a quest appear at praetor title level for a colonist without a title (bug may occur with any title that requires a throneroom) . Then try to make it possible to complete the Title Quest.


i don't think it is a bug. I think your throneroom is just missing something or got something surplus (point at the 2.throne at the room).
You should check the title requirements.
And when you are 101% sure anything is right, you should upload the safegame.
1000kb at the forum attachment or external filehoster.


I agree with Canute on this one. I never heard of a bug similar to that.


I wouldn't say it is a bug, so much as a overlooked action. I will indeed copy the save file, how ever I can promise you its not a specialized bug. I used this same throne room with my previous Praetor. The issue stems from the fact the Colonist who inherited the title isn't even a yeoman. So I am entirely unable to assign him a throne, which leads the game or "code" to believe I don't have a throne room for him. I've rebuilt every type of throne, and even rebuilt a entirely new throne room. I have an excess of everything they ask for, columns, braziers, tiles and that's why in that picture I also had both thrones. Neither of which are assigned because I am unable to assign them to anyone. The reason I believe the issue stems from not having a throne assigned to my colonist is because of similar "title quest bug" forums that I have read. In all those cases though, the individual can't raise their yeoman to some higher title. Then once they assign a throne to the colonist the quest classifies them as having a adequate throne room. Give me a bit to figure out how to copy the save.


Sorry but FTP isn't longer supported.
And you shouldn't allow files/folder at your PC being access directly by the internet !
Use some free filehoster like Mediafire,Google Driver, Onedriver,....

But you are right there was a problem with some title quest.
Since you was aware of that topic allready you should have linked it.
But there wasn't any bug updates from rimworld so far, so no fix for it.

If you want a temporary fix, enable developer mode, and give that pawn yeoman title with the debug action menu.


Feel free to attach the save to google drive or drop box, or upload it here at the discord server:


Put it in the #bug-reports channel and @pheanox.