How many hours have you played

Started by GeorgeSteven, May 13, 2021, 12:57:59 AM

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and people call me new cause i don't waste my life on games.
might as well let rimworld run in the background to grind hours since they're "a measure of skill"


~40 hours so far.  I bought the game in 2018 and tried it, but didn't really 'get in to it' until recently.  It's changed a whole lot!  After spawning about a half dozen worlds and destroying the colonists life I am finally getting a hang of it (I played in permanent mode). 


A little over 250 now. I guess I'm pretty hooked to it.


4100+ hours


Going towards 6000 hours and I don't waste my life on games. Rimworld is an ideal game for letting run on a third screen when nothing will be happening for a few days (in game). Or to watch while listening to music. And so on.


2 hours, just bought the game, will really start playing tomorrow