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  • June 19, 2021, 05:51:33 AM
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Should having "Gay" as a Pawn's Trait reduce the amount of other Traits they can have from 3 to 2?

- 2 (50%)
- 2 (50%)

Total Members Voted: 4

Author Topic: Gay as a character Trait using up a slot. (( NOT a political statement ))  (Read 518 times)


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I am NOT making any political statements or saying that Pawns who are Gay are being given less abilities. I think it's coded the way it is just because it's easier. But without childbirth in the core game, Gay using up a Traits slot seems like a logical imbalance. It just uses up and slot and doesn't add any numeric value to the character's abilities.

The Traits either add or take something from the character's abilities. However, Gay just makes them couple with someone of the same sex. It doesn't add or take anything away; which is the point of traits. I would like there to be a way for a Pawn to be gay (if the player wants it that way or the same randomly generates it) and still have access to just as many traits as non-gay Pawns.


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Some pawns who aren't gay can have only 1 trait. Is that fair?


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You bring a fair point. If we think it through "real world logic" it makes sense that it should not take a slot or reduce the number of "proper" traits. However, in pure game logic we can think of it as a negative trait because it only causes problems (NOT a political statement, just how the game works).

Having in mind this last part, if gay is a negative trait taking up as lot we can think of the situation as being acceptable, just like slowpoke or slow learner take slots too.

We have to think of this as a game, not as real life.