Mod request: Pawns to no longer auto-attack hives

Started by VitaKaninen, May 18, 2021, 05:31:17 AM

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I currently have several colonies where I am farming insects for jelly and meat, but it is a huge pain to always keep my pawns set to flee.

If I set them on flee or ignore, then I have to micromanage them all the time to prevent them from getting killed all the time either from the bugs, or from manhunters.

If I set them to attack, then they wipe out all my hives when they get in range of them.

Another thing I have tried is to zone my pawns away from the hives, and then manually harvest the jelly each day but again, this requires that I micromanage them.

Can someone help me make a mod that makes it so that my pawns will no longer treat hives as hostile?  I have no programming experience.


I don't think it would be a good idea that pawn's recognize insect's as non-hostile anymore.
I think visitor's and caravan's would see them as non-hostile too and just get slaughterd by them as example.

Maybe you should look into some mod's which allow you to produce your own jelly like with trainable insects or insect girls.
Just search the workshop for insect or jelly.


I use a mod that allows you to lock doors to certain people or classes of people, and I keep guests and their dirty animals out of my base and away from my insects.

So, I am not worried about Caravans or travelers wandering up on my insects.  Also, they need to be enclosed to prevent the jelly from going off from being outside.

I would prefer to keep the insects as close to vanilla as possible and keep the danger in the game.  If there is no longer a threat of harm from them, then it will take all the fun out of raising them.  All reward, and no risk is boring.

I am just looking for a little more choice in the game than:

  • Attack everything that looks remotely dangerous
  • Run from everything
  • Ignore everything

I just want them to attack things that are actively attacking them, and ignore passive mobs and objects. 

Below are 3 of my colonies, from 2 different games.  As you can see, all my insects are locked away from nosy visitors.