How to activate mod's at a good way

Started by Canute, June 23, 2021, 07:10:10 AM

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There are 6500+ mods for Rimworld 1.2 on the Steam Workshop (june 2021) and not every mod is errorfree.
That mean's to check the mod discussion could be helpful before you add that mod.
And not every mod works fine with other mods.
If such incompactible are known, they are mosttimes a note at the mod description.

That mean's simple adding and activate mods mosttimes lead into trouble. Starting with not to generate a new colony with possible critical errors that don't let you load the savegame anymore or made the current colony unplayable.

As player your once chance for a succesful playthrough is to have no errors at the log window after you start Rimworld/activate mods.
Later during gameplay it is mosttimes impossible to find out what mod cause the problem, and even when you could find it out, not every mod is safe to remove from a savegame.

It is an good idea to have the developer mode on when you play with mods. Then the log window auto. popup when you got error's.
When you activate mod's do that in small batches. At this way you notice early when a mod throw out errors.
Identify the mod.
Check if the mod got some requirements and that these are loaded before the mod. Normaly you should easyly notice that at the mod window when the name is red. Mosttimes an autosort can fix that.
Take a look at the mod discussion if that error is already be known, if not leave a comment and ask the mod author.

Better don't use a mod that throw out error's one or more function of the mod don't work correct anyway.
If you got some expierence you can ignore some minor errors like when you see a missing sound.def.

Rimworld don't need a special mod loadorder anymore, or at last it is allready be displayed at the mod window if you need to load before/after some other mods. When the mod author know about it and add it at the mod.
Personaly i like to order/activate my mods at following
- libaries like Hugslib,Alienframework
- UI mods that enhance/modify the Userinterface but not the gameplay like Allowtool,More Planning
- gameplay enhancer, that made the pawn's smarter  like Common Sense or Smarter Construction
- Utility mod's you basicly like to use all the time, like Deep storage, furniture or Dub's hygiene
- Weapon and armor mods
- Races

And now go and play !

Does anyone got any improvents about this text, just post it. Even when it is one of my many grammar errors.


i have tried deleting it from directory like u said but i'm still having the same issue where whenever it restarts to load mods it freezes on the loading screen with the "..." but ultimately crashes again, and when i try again it docent open with another message but then the 3rd time it opens but the mod list is removed. to put this into perspective the only mod i'm using until i can get it to work is tilled soil. 1 mod and its crashing. this all started when i downloaded ideology. am i suppose to remove it before modding?


i don't think so. All mod's should work with ideology, or it would writen at the mod description when it wouldn't.
I only can suppose of of your mods cause the problem, you just need to find the bad one.



the problem is it happens with every mod and even when i "simulate not owning ideology" it does the same thing. even if i permanently turn on moderator options i think its called if it crashes due to this its as if it resets rim worlds to the point of new and i need to turn on the options again manually.