What is the cause of my frequent raids?

Started by jpringle1, June 30, 2021, 01:03:50 PM

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I am on my second playthrough of Rimworld. The first playthrough was on "Community Builder" difficulty, but my current is "Adventure story", both with Cassandra.

I am only a few years into the game with 7 colonists, and I get raided almost every single day. Is this normal for Adventure story? Either way, how can I reduce the frequency of raids?

Attached is a screenshot of my colony. I don't think i'm rich enough to warrant this amount of raids. I suspect the problem may be something to do with the turrets surrounding my compound, but there was still an unusual amount of raids happening before i made them (The whole reason i put them there was to help deal with the frequent raids).


Just realised I can see both wealth and every raid i've ever had (attached).

Ok, so "every other day" may have been an exaggeration, but this is still an insane amount of raids right? And apparently they've been coming at the same rate since the start of the game, which just makes me even more confused.


You seem to have 23 major threats in 155 days, average 6,7 days between threats. Seems normal. Try Phoebe Chillax at options --> storyteller settings. She should give about half the major threats that Phoebe gives. Major threats include raids, infestations, manhunter packs and various crashed mechanoid things. Mods add many more. Mouse over the red dots at the history graph.