My pawns won’t autonomously interact with any recreation objects?

Started by morcalvin, July 01, 2021, 09:35:54 PM

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Are there any mods that are known to be able to cause this? What files control autonomous reactions? And how can I check which files a mod edits? I want to be able to narrow down which mods may be causing this. I use Rimpy mod manager if that effects anything?

Here's my mod list just in case:


RimPy don't have any effect on the gameplay.

Personaly i don't know any mod that forbid such behavior, unless some mod deactivate recreation at a general way such behavior would be contraprodutiv for the colony.

That's why i think it is mod error or conflct.
Let me guess you have error's during gameplay, maybe these error's give you a hint about the mod, but mosttimes it doesn't.
And i bet you have error's after rimworld startup (or why else you hide the remaining stuff of the hugslib report). Don't use mod's that give you error's at startup/activation.


You cant expect us to just check that massive mod list, dude, its even disrespectful. Here are three things you can check:
1. Make sure your pawns arent bored of that recreation thing. Example: if you only have a horseshoe pin, your pawns will stop using them
2. Make sure they have room in their schedules to recreate. Example: maybe you set everything to work by accident.
3. Disable any mod that has anything to do with recreation, like mods that add more types and stuff.

Bonus: another user complained about similar stuff and he fixed it by disabling the combat extended mod, try disabling it if you have it.


That's weird. Check what Alerneral said, but I'd also add that you could probably get the mod called something along the lines of "Chill the F#@! Out" if the last workaround is forcing them to relax.