[1.3.3058] Colonists will auto-slaughter caravan animals

Started by Sighan, July 13, 2021, 10:05:48 AM

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It's not really a bug, as the system is working as described, more an unwanted side-effect I guess.

When using pack animals for a caravan, you will naturally take adults. When you have auto-slaughter for that species enabled, chances are that a younger animal will grow into adulthood while you are in the process of packing a caravan and the animals currently being part of that caravan will get slaughtered.

I have had this happen during caravan formation, which is super annoying, as you now have to restart the caravan since the items that were already in that animals inventory seem to count as already having been loaded.

It almost always happens when a caravan returns, though technically at that point the animals aren't part of a caravan anymore, still it's bothersome when a colonist runs halfway across the map to greet the incoming caravan by killing the animals, strewing all the items across the floor somewhere on the edge of the map.

Maybe colonists should only auto-slaughter animals that are in a pen, or pack animals with items in their inventory won't get auto-slaughtered, I'm not sure what a good solution might look like.


At least for me, the items then dropped are not allowed so sit out in the rain deteriorating if you miss that one of the muffalo transports was slaughtered

I always seem to have a huge muffalo excess due to incredibly fast breeding

Moderator Update:

This has been fixed in a recent build, thank you for the report, however!