[1.3.3056] Incapable of violent pawn can trigger murderous rage mental state

Started by Mirador, July 11, 2021, 10:31:33 AM

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Not sure if it's intended but just had a pawn incapable of violent trigger murderous rage mental state.

So I was curious and followed him on his 'non violent' rage and it seem that in this case, he is indeed capable of violence.

Quiet funny that he won't defend itself from pirate murdering his familly, or during social fight with other pawn,
but can get so frustrated about waiting on an exhaused horse while forming a caravan that he actually want to murderer his lord.

Good thing his lord is a nice guy and had word of serenity ready. =oP

Well atleast that a good story I guess!


It's an old issue that can be classified as an oversight. A pacifist committing murder isn't unheard of though, especially in a fit of anger, but considering how Rimworld pacifists have a saint-like self-control in every other life and death scenario it would be more logically consistent if they were also unable to have violent mental breaks.


Thanks for the report, I'll have a dev review it to see if a change is needed!