[1.3.3056] Wounds don't show on rotting corpse

Started by Mirador, July 11, 2021, 03:01:32 PM

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Not sure if it's intended but wounds do not show on rotting body.

It do look a bit strange after a manhunter event when half of the attacking animals end up with plenty of fresh wounds
while the other half don't have any because of the rotting effect a scaria.  ;)



Pretty sure it's intended for simplicity sake, and it was like this in previous versions too I believe. It's probably based on the assumption their bloodied wounds would have dried up by the time a corpse rots, though this assumption doesn't apply well to scaria corpses which insta-rot. The solution seems simple enough though, either by adding a timer to a corpse for the blood effect, or making the blood effect its own entity that times out (which prevents the timer from lingering with the corpse after the blood effect is gone). However, complicating this could lead to each corpse needing more processing power. Whether that is negligible or not the devs will know better though, lol, but some people already have performance issues after big raids.


A worthwhile note, thank you. That said this is pretty low priority so it might not get rushed to fix.
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