Animals won't fight

Started by smittythesmith, July 14, 2021, 02:39:30 PM

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I hope this isn't some weird mod interaction, but I've noticed since the 1.3 upgrade animals don't fight.  I look at a number of animals that were Intermediate in their "trainability" and are now "none".  This makes hunting more dangerous since you don't have an animal companion.
The theme seems to be "If it can't kill you easily you can't train it."  So far I've only found Bears and Wargs trainable, not horses alpaca or Wild boar which were trainable before and IRL are trainable.


Please see this topic (where I also provided the full list of trainability changes):

But yes, can't disagree with your observation on the theme. :3 And well, even if horses can be trained IRL, it's not exactly in regards to fetch and attack. Combat training for horses rather involves remaining calm despite being surrounded by chaos and death. I will agree it was a bit of an overnerf to make them unable to even Guard though. We'll see if Ludeon keeps it that way. Personally I only used dogs for hauling and emergency defense anyway.


I'll point out combat or fighting is nothing new horses, from Cavalry in 1550 BC to Knights in the middle ages and even today police horses will kick you ass if told to.
Some will trample you, other will rear up and strike you with their front hooves. I've watched a horse run over and trample a brown snake, after it's ride had dismounted and was trying to remove the saddle.
I love testing things and watching them break   :P
Sure I'll test it for you!
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