[1.3] Bug: "Ate meat" debuff after eating unfertilized chicken eggs

Started by ExampleHat, July 21, 2021, 05:40:01 PM

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I chose Animal Personhood as core belief and set meat eating to abhorrent. I got the -24 ate meat debuff from eating a meal with berries and unfertilized chicken eggs (tested it several times, each time got the debuff anew).

Is this a bug or does count Rimworld all animal products as "meat"? If so, it doesn't become clear from the descriptions, it only mentions meat.

Moderator note:

This has been reworked since this post.


1. I have a colony with the precept "meat eating: abhorrent"
2. Colonists get a mood and opinion debuff from eating meals with eggs.
3. Colonists shouldn't get the debuff since eggs are an animal product and not meat. No meat eating should mean vegetarian, not vegan!