Restrict Entry into Room of Coworkers while sleeping

Started by Dyderich, July 21, 2021, 09:47:53 PM

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It would be nice to see some sort of restriction in place to keep colonists from disturbing their coworkers while they are sleeping.  It always seems that these ungrateful butts grab food and head off to the nearest coworker's room to disturb them with their eating habits.  Anyway this can be curbed?  It is nice that I can restrict the "guests" from entering areas but the colonists I do not want to penalise in avoiding sleeping rooms that are not theirs as they would not clean other rooms, repair items, resow plants, etc.

It would be nice to have person be able to lock the door behind themselves and sleep then nobody would interrupt their sleep cycle.


There are 3 ways to prevent this.

  • Do not put tables in bedrooms.  Tables in bedrooms is a bad idea for 3 reasons. 

    • Your pawns will lose the +8 mood bonus from "Ate in a Wondrously Impressive Dining Room".
    • Tables reduce the area of your bedrooms, so either your bedrooms have reduced impressiveness and your pawns lose a mood buff, or all your bedrooms are larger than they need to be. The same applies to dressers and end tables.  They lower the impressiveness of the bedroom, and they only provide a tiny comfort boost.  An Excellent Armchair while eating gives much more comfort than a full night's bonus from a dresser/end table combo.
    • Anyone who is hungry and near a bedroom will disturb your sleeping pawns and give them a mood debuff, but then you already know that. Removing tables from bedrooms is the proper way to fix your issue.
  • Use a mod like "Locks" and you can restrict each bedroom to only the pawns that sleep there.  This is also generally a bad idea because you will then have to allow everyone to clean and repair in the work tab, otherwise if there is a Zzst event in a bedroom/Raid/Infestation,etc., it will never get fixed unless you micromanage the door permissions.  You could also allow one or more of your cleaners access to all the bedrooms, and that would fix the cleaning issue, but then your pawns will still get disturbed sleep occasionally, even if they are all on the same schedule.
  • Use a mod that allows an unlimited number of zones, and then make a new zone for each pawn that excludes them from each other's bedrooms.  This is a terrible idea.  Don't do it.

Just remove all the furniture from your bedrooms.  This is the best way to go.  Also, make sure your pets are zoned out of your bedrooms.  My personal preference is to put my couples in 3x5 bedrooms, and the single colonists into Barracks. 

With the following items, a 3x5 bedroom will be very impressive, giving a +5 mood buff:

  • Area: 3x5
  • Floor: 11 tiles of fine carpet.  4 tiles under the bed gold tile
  • Furniture 1: 1 Excellent+ Steel/Silver/Golden Royal Bed
  • Furniture 2: 1 Excellent Large Golden Statue
  • Furniture 3: Wall Light/s
  • Walls: Marble
  • Wall: 1 Steel Vent
  • Door: Wooden

This will provide a very impressive bedroom with the bare minimum of space.

Full size image:

For my colonists who are not in a relationship, I use barracks.

The +20 they get from the combined Barracks/Dining/Rec room more than outweighs the -3 from the disturbed sleep.  Also, since there is so much room, you can justify placing Dressers and End Tables, if you like. 

Full size image: