Assign bed for prisoner to handle moodness in ideology

Started by rimrik, July 25, 2021, 06:15:32 AM

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To move a prisoner between rooms you must make their bed to non-prisoner bed and then move the prisoner to an open prison bed.
With the new ideology expansion, prisoners need to have a low mood to easier convert while they require a high mood to recruit.
So my idea is to make the prison beds assignable to prisoners just like normal beds for the colonists. This will make it possible to move a prisoner from a horrible cell (for conversion) to a more luxurious one (for recruitment) without the hassle of converting the beds back and forth.

With this functionality, there is also possible to create more immersive prison scenarios where you could have death row cells and other type depending on what you want to do with certain prisoners.

This topic has been brought up before a few years ago but with a lack of motivation:


Have you tried the " Set Owner for Prisoner Bed" mod?

It does exactly what you are asking for.  Assign them to a new bed, then have them taken to bed.