Suggestion: Let Animal Personhood believers choose between vegan and vegetarian

Started by ExampleHat, July 25, 2021, 03:54:37 PM

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As for now, choosing Animal Personhood leads to your colonists being disgusted by meat. I think it would make sense if you could also choose to make them completely vegan (seeing animals as persons would imply that it is not super okay to drink their milk and eat their eggs) as an extra challenge.


Why not make a separate contradictory meme for those who will eat animal products.  Animal Personhood implies not eating animal products as they were 'stolen'. 


Currently Tynan treats them like Vegans. The "Vegetarian" meal can not use Animal products for example. And I am not sure how they handle eating it by accident. The whole Vegan/Vegetarian distinction is a mess right now.