Tweeks to Minor Quality of Life Factors of Colonists

Started by SirenoraElavia, July 27, 2021, 05:17:40 PM

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So I've noticed a couple of "issues" mostly involving Royalty based effects. These do not prevent or inhibit gameplay for me, but they are something that I feel could be tweeked for better quality of life gameplay.

- The highest level of title attainable by colonists is Count/Countess, which requires a room size of 30 tiles. However, when analyzing the quality of this room, the room size is only considered average. However, if that is the minimum needed for a rank pawn, would it not make more sense for it to be an above average sized room?

- At this point, it would appear that Royalty's psycast, "Word of Love" does not support same sex couples. I have a same sex couple in my colony but when I attempted to improve their relationship with "Word of Love" It stated that they were the wrong gender for each other. I understand that the same sex couple might come from a mod (I'm not totally sure in this regard) but whether it is or not, I could definitely see the psycast being tweeked to allow for same sex couples.


Word of Love works just fine on same sex couples as long as they are Bisexual/Gay. 

It is also possible to start a colony with a same sex couple who are not Bisexual/Gay.  In that case, I do not think it will work on them.

If your couple are both Bisexual/Gay, then you may have a mod that is interfering.


The Size evaluation of a room substracts some tiles for beds, tables, chairs and just about anything else that is not flooring:

You also have to consider the requirement for expensive flooring - that one would get out of hand with a bigger room.