Subtypes for Fire At Will

Started by Catch Phrase, August 11, 2021, 04:35:17 AM

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Catch Phrase

Feels a bit odd that a shotgun can't land hits at 10m range, or that rifles often miss half or more shots when firing at 20m range.
Under "Fire At Will", there should be a right-click option that allows you to hold fire until a shot is certain.
"Hold Aim" - Colonists will hold fire until they're nearly certain that it will guarantee a hit. Adds %30+ hit chance, but takes longer to fire-- dependent on shooting skill.
"Spray" -  Colonists will fire more rapidly but at a steep aim price. Adds %35 hit accuracy loss-- dependent on shooting skill
"Suppressive fire" - Colonists will aim to slow down retreats. Adds %20 hit chance, and instead of hitting the target, slows movement heavily for a moment. Does not require high shooting skill if it lands.


Turn this off by default for grenades other AoE weapons.