a more religious ending for Ideology, maybe as a mod

Started by mlzovozlm, August 04, 2021, 03:02:33 AM

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the archonexus ending isnt really 'religious victory' since it can pretty much have nothing to do with your base's belief(s), aside from that, it's pretty grindy if you really play to reach it. The 'theme' also differs from the usual 'struggle to defend' with the 3 old ones
how about an ending in which you convert all the other factions to your ideology by having quests to attack and capture each faction's leader. After you capture them, you've to convert them to your religion then release them back so they slowly convert their beliefs to yours.
During the time the leader is imprisoned, you'll be constantly attacked

That way, there's still the usual action-filled periods, it's still differ from previous ship endings, and it's more 'religious victory'   


It is not a religious victory that makes sense for religions that aren't highly violent nor does it make sense.  If you capture their leader and convert him, the faction is more likely to replace their compromised leader than they are to simply adopt your religion. 

A better option would be to have a TV-Channel to have your pawns preach from and have the other religion's faction bases become politically neutral but aligned to your religion.  Maybe have to send a satellite into orbit to transmit your channel.