QoL suggestion: When assigning bed, show current bed and Lover/Spouse status

Started by Peter34, August 20, 2021, 07:10:58 AM

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Just a minor Quality-of-Life suggestion:

When using the assign bed interface, I'd like to be shown what kind of bed each pawn is currently sleeping on (especially in terms of whether the pawn is currently assigned a Sleeping Spot), and I'd also like to see which pawns are lovers or spouses and with whom.

For extra, extra quality, an indicator of which pawns are at low mood (the ones most in need of being moved from early-game communal barracks to a room of their own, maybe even with a Floor).

This is particularly useful for scenarios with more than the usual 3 pawns. I imagine it's useful for the Tribal play mode too, where you start with 5 pawns.


absolutely agree, i don't think it would take much time to implement and it would but a great QOL addition


IMO, having people lose their beds when they go on a couple days of caravan, or when re-locating a bed are more annoying because they happen more often. Usually, I only switch people's beds when they get married or divorced, or if there's one person who's greedy / jealous for an extravagant bedroom.