Darkness Preference Yet Caravans Sleep At Night

Started by yonkster333, August 19, 2021, 06:18:19 PM

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As the title somewhat explains, I find it both counter to "RP" and frankly, a bit annoying that colonies which have a darkness preference will still refuse to have caravans travel at night.

The sun is supposed to be blinding to these guys yet they'll only travel under it. Furthermore, having caravans always travel only by day means that there are massive conflicts with sleep schedules when preparing caravans, a basic trade run at a settlement half a day away will take a whole day and a half just to pack for. Finally, this has major issues when attempting any quests due to the combat in darkness precept. I will almost ALWAYS arrive in the morning thus meaning I will ALWAYS be incurring a combat penalty, unless I want to waste a day waiting and crossing my fingers that my pawn doesn't break and walk directly into the enemy's line of fire.

This is somewhat of just a blind rant but I really hope they'll patch in the ability for ideologies with the darkness meme to make caravans travel at night, this seems like a pretty big oversight considering how many overworld quests this DLC has added.


I'd also hope they patch it. The night-person trait was rare enough that you often didn't have an entire caravan of night-people, but with this night-ideology stuff it definitely hurts.  : )