1.3.3101 Quest said I can rescue brother, but the rescued pawn isn't my brother

Started by ExampleHat, August 27, 2021, 10:47:55 AM

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- I started Naked Brutality and got the quest to rescue my colonist's brother (a brother wasn't known before)

- After rescuing said pawn, turns out isn't related to my colonist after all. The new colonist's name is the same from the quest, here is a screenshot from the Social Tab and the quest text: https://i.imgur.com/dkt5OE2.png

I am using a few QQL Mods. Loading the savegame without mods didn't change anything. All mods are 1.3 compatible.

The mods are
Auto-Cut Blight
Vanilla Expanded Framework
Common Sense
Colony Manager
Realistic Rooms Rewritten
Smart Speed

Savegame cannot be attached, if I post with an attachment, the page does not load properly and I am back to an empty "Start a new topic" page.
Or it just takes a while until the post shows up, in that case I apologize for the double post.