Make X if Ingredient is over Y

Started by Drayde, September 08, 2021, 02:18:59 PM

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Hey all

Perhaps this mod already exists, but I wanted to ask:

Is there a mod that allows you to set conditions for production if the/an ingredient is greater/less than/whatever X?

For example, if Raw Meat/Raw Vegetarian is over 500, Cook Lavish meals - otherwise suspend.

Or for another example.. One of my mods allows hyperweave to be made with Raw Cotton/Raw Flax/Raw Devilstrand.  But sometimes I end up with a lot of extra of one of those three that I might as well weave into its own cloth.  So weave Devilstrand if Raw Devilstrand is >300 or whatever.

Does such a thing exist?


The way I have accomplished this is to set a radius on the bill, and then set up additional stockpiles: one stockpile near the workbench/stove with a preferred priority for the bill, and one stockpile further way with a critical priority as a reserve.  Then allow the excess to go into normal storage as well.  That way, they will only use the bill if the reserve stockpile is full.

For example: I want to make Artillery Shells forever, but only when I have excess steel and Chemfuel.

I create a new bill to make Shells forever, but I set the ingredient radius to 3.  Then I make 3 stockpiles for each item type.  One small stockpile that will hold say, 5,000 steel as a reserve at critical priority.  Then a single tile stockpile for steel at preferred priority beside the chair of the workbench.  Then my general materials stockpile is at normal priority that will hold all the rest of my steel.  Then I do the same for Chemfuel.

This will ensure that there is always 5,000 steel that will never be used for shells, but any excess will go into my normal stockpile.  Usually my stockpiles are rectangular, so I just cut the corner off of the stockpile and make a new stockpile to fill that corner for critical steel.  That way, I can just look at the corner of my stockpile and easily know if I have at least 5,000 steel.

For your particular issue with the hyperweave, I would make a stockpile for 300 raw devilstrand at critical priority, and then make another single tile stockpile beside the bench at preferred priority, and set the bill to make it forever with a small radius.  Then also allow Raw devilstrand to be put into your regular stockpile at normal priority.

If this does not make sense, let me know.