Butchering animals should give a debuff to Animal Personhood believers

Started by ExampleHat, September 11, 2021, 09:10:52 AM

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In a lot of ways, killing and eating animals in the Animal Personhood meme are treated like killing and eating humans for non-cannibals. That makes sense.

If animals on your map are killed by other animals, e.g. your pet cats, your colonists can just grab the corpses, butcher them and make cook with them without getting a debuff. This is in stark contrast to "I butchered humanlike" for non.cannibals with its hefty -12 mood debuff. Animal Personhood believers would definitely be uncomfortable in a similar way to butcher animals than non-cannibals are if they butcher humans, because they believe the animal to be an actual person.

It also seems a bit exploity and immersion breaking to have a vegan animal personhood colony that butchers any animal corpse left on the map and makes meals to sell them from it.