1.3 Colonist Cannot Be Drafted

Started by Cheffy, September 13, 2021, 05:58:15 PM

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I am playing on completely vanilla RimWorld with only the Royalty DLC installed.  I have done my first Praetor ceremony but as soon as my colonist received the title they are no longer able to be drafted, and the hotkey does nothing as well.  I am also not able to see the icon for drafting, what gun they have equipped, their Call Aid icon or the Psyfocus/Heat Meter.  Nothing has worked so far to return the icons or to change the issue (arresting, caravan, I looked through the .rws log, etc.).  I am at a loss for what to do next because there are similar problems I've seen through the forums but they almost always include Mods or Ideaology (and I'm not using either of those at the moment at all).


mosttimes when some vanilla gameplay don't work well it is a corrput installation.
Manual delete the installation folder (not uninstal) and reinstal/repair it.

If that don't help, the logfile will be helpful. To add files to your answer you need to use the Reply button.


I have the same bug in vanilla 1.3- though weirdly it was my 2nd Praetor ceremony, the first one was fine. I haven't found a solution yet.


Thanks for the bug reports.  Unfortunately I'm not able to reproduce these bugs which means I need an uploaded log or save.  (I can get the log from the save usually).  If you can upload the dev log or save I can review this for a bug report.  Please review the stickied post labeled "How to Report a Bug" on how to find and attach these files.


Quote(I can get the log from the save usually).
Log is important, that maybe show that is something wrong at the player side, like corrupt installation with surplus files !