Rimworld keeps crashing (Unity)

Started by ouilliameuh, September 14, 2021, 02:12:33 PM

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As the title says my game keeps crashing. I tried everything in the pinned thread but to no avail:

- No mods enabled (or downloaded at all)
- My drivers are updated
- Uninstalled Rimworld by deleting the folder manually
- Launched the game with the .EXE directly
- Etc...

I'm getting pretty desperate there... I tried looking through the crash reports but I really don't see what could be the culprit. I'll join the error and player logs so maybe you guys will have a better understanding than me of what's happening in there, haha.


88% physical memory in use.
8175 MB physical memory [939 MB free].

When you free memory up before launching tge game, does the error stays the same?