Hellsing ARMS & its CE Patch

Started by Basker_ville, September 13, 2021, 04:30:33 PM

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Adds powerful weapons made for and for killing monsters, accessible after researching Hellsing ARMS. Your colonists may struggle to wield some of them, but their firepower will justify the extra effort.

.454 Casull Auto

  • A high-calibur semi-auto pistol. High damage and rate of fire.
  • Barely reduces movespeed.
  • CE Ammo Types: HP, FMJ, AP, AP-HE

13mm Anti-Freak Combat Pistol 'Jackal'

  • Even more firepower than the Casull. A monstrous weapon that fires explosive bullets.
  • Slightly reduces movespeed.
  • CE Ammo Types: HP, FMJ, AP, AP-HE (custom)

13.7mm Anti-Midians Rifle 'BAERLKS'

  • Strong damage, accuracy, and range.
  • Capable of automatic burst fire.
  • Reduces movespeed.
  • CE Ammo Types: FMJ, AP-I, HE, Sabot

30mm Anti-Tank Cannon 'Harkonnen'

  • A massive, long-range, single-shot breech loader cannon which fires explosive shells.
  • Greatly reduces movespeed.
  • CE Ammo Types: HE, DU Sabot, Incendiary Napalm, HEAT, EMP, Antigrain

30mm Anti-Zeppelin Autocannon 'Harkonnen II'

  • The heaviest most over-powered vampire-blasting, zeppelin-slaying, mountain-shattering pinnacle of Hellsing ARMS.
  • Your colonists will struggle to move while handling this.
  • CE Ammo Types: Specialized FMJ and HEAT, and the breech-loader Harkonnen's shells as well

Walter's Deadly Dental Floss

  • Available for the low low price of 2669 silver at your nearest exotic trader.
  • Floss away that tooth decay!

Blessed Bayonets

  • Quick slash attacks; armour-piercing stab attacks.
  • Hastens the wielder's movespeed.
  • Throwable.

The Dandy Deck

  • Magical playing cards with a thirst for blood. As accurate as they are deadly.

Custom Extended Mauser C96

  • High accuracy for a pistol.
  • CE Ammo Types: HP, FMJ, AP

40mm Modded Multiple Grenade Launcher

  • Modified ammunition fires a shotgun spread of cursed spines.
  • Very high armour-penetration.
  • CE Ammo Types: Shotgun Spines; 40x46mm HE, EMP, Smoke Grenades

Dual 30mm Harkonnen II Weapon System

  • A mountable turret. The above description, but times two.
  • Ingredients: 70 plasteel, 200 steel, 100 chemfuel, 4 advanced components, and 2 Harkonnen II autocannons. Requires 20 construction to build.
  • The rocket-propelled Vladimir grenades are currently just for show, but rest assured: the dual autocannons by themselves will fulfill all of your firepower needs.

Some of these weapons were designed to be quite difficult to acquire. Beyond the research gate and crafting requirements for most arms, Walter's Deadly Dental Floss should only be acquirable by trading with an exotic ship or caravan, The Dandy Deck should only be acquirable as a rare relic or quest reward, and raiders and allies alike shouldn't spawn with ANY of the armaments. This is my first RimWorld mod though, so some things may have gone wrong!

If you found things to be different than described above, please let me know in the bug discussion!

1.0: Casull, Jackal, Harkonnen, Bayonets
1.01: Various value adjustments
1.10: Anti-Midians Rifle, Deadly Dental Floss, Extended Mauser, Modded MGL
1.11: WDDF fix; misc. value adjustments, generally buffs
1.20: The Dandy Deck, Harkonnen II, Dual Harkonnen II Weapon System
For more details see the Change Notes tab.

Combat Extended (CE Team)
Fully compatible with Hellsing ARMS (with the required Hellsing ARMS CE Patch )

Dual Wield (Roolo)
Adjustments for Hellsing ARMS:

  • By default, Casull & Jackal are regarded as 2h non-off-hand weapons due to their weight. You can adjust those variables and more in Mod Settings.
  • Dual-wielded Extended Mausers and Harkonnens will not display in their proper size.
YAYO Animations (YAYO)
Adjustments for Hellsing ARMS:

  • The "combat animations" part of this mod seems to override CompOversizedWeapon, which breaks the weapons' proper size scaling. This will result in some arms looking too big, and others looking too small.
  • Nobody wants tiny Harkonnens!
  • Combat animations can simply be toggled off in YAYO Animation's Mod Settings. The rest of the mod is fine.
Rim of Madness & RimMagic (mods that add vampires)
There is no special interaction between Hellsing ARMS and vampires.
I have no experience with these mods, and no idea how to add race-based damage modifiers/interactions here.
Might look into this later, but don't hold your breath.

Camera+ (Andreas Pardeike)
   > Lets you zoom further in to see textures in more of their detail.

More Corpse Display (Verniy709)
   > Old school Alucard.

Hellsing is a manga by Kouta Hirano which spawned two anime: Hellsing - Impure Souls in 2001 (Gonzo Animation) and Hellsing Ultimate in 2006 (Satelight, Madhouse, Graphinica).

I do not own or represent any aspect of the Hellsing IP. This is simply a fan work.

Hellsing - Kouta Hirano
Hellsing ARMS Mod & Hellsing ARMS CE Patch:
  • Graphics, XML, CE Compatibility - Baskerville
Oversized Weapon Display - Carny Senpai (Enable Oversized Weapons)