Is mouse input on GNU/Linux going to be fixed, or am I going to refund the game?

Started by steve_v, September 25, 2021, 04:25:53 AM

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I just bought this game and both expansions (a steepish price for an indie it was too), and while the concept looks great, the first impression and general presentation quality so far is not. Specifically, and encountered immediately in a cursory playtest:

a) Sliders (and other UI elements) are almost unusable, presumably due to this unfixed and now multiple-update old bug. It has been reported several times, with no action beyond "forwarded to the devs".
Where is the dev commentary? What's the timeline here, and what release is the fix tagged for?

b) Performance generally blows, and the game is full of the infamous Unity GC stutter - particularly when panning the map.
Having played (aka suffered through) several other unity titles, I am no stranger to this problem... I'm also not going to accept "unity problem, wontfix", as there are by now well understood means to mitigate the issue.
Fixing this may entail rewriting various methods to reduce garbage production, but that's just the price of a game that doesn't run like crap and feel like an unoptimised pre-release.

So, here's my dilemma: Are either of these going to be fixed in a reasonable timeframe (particularly the cursor tracking), or am I just going to use my refund window and play something that's not built on Unity3D?
The clock is ticking, and I'm not so invested in this game that I couldn't just walk away now. Walk away is exactly what I'm going to do though, if there's going to be no real support for the GNU/Linux build and bugs as infuriating as the one I linked above are to be ignored for multiple updates.

I await, with bated breath, your assurance that this is a game where bugs and performance problems actually get fixed (again, experience concerning unity-based titles), and your encouragement to stick with it, as surely I'll only have to deal with broken mouse input a little longer... Surely.



Quote from: Canute on September 25, 2021, 09:49:42 AMWhen you got so many problems with Rimworld maybe ask others how its work with them.
The primary problem that is bothering me at the moment has been reported repeatedly, and the relevant threads are now locked.

Asking "others how its work with them" [sic] is kinda pointless when said threads already contain all the "me too" posts one would ever need, as well as gems like "I can't really consider the Linux version playable while this bug is around"... With which I fully agree.

As this problem has apparently existed since before the 1.3 release and nobody has so far mentioned any kind of workaround beyond "run the windows build", perhaps you would be so helpful as to do that instead of linking irrelevant things I am already well aware of?

Aside, this is almost certainly not a Unity bug (insofar as none of the many other unity games I own exhibit it), and it's not a distro specific problem either. So again, what relevance has that "What Linux distributions will run Rimworld" thread?