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  • January 25, 2022, 11:47:52 PM
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Author Topic: Private Ownership and Capitalism Mod/DLC idea  (Read 314 times)


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Private Ownership and Capitalism Mod/DLC idea
« on: October 05, 2021, 03:21:18 PM »

Just here to toss around the idea of how private ownership can improve the roleplaying experience. So far the gameplay has always been a group of pawns that share the public resources in a small-scale communistic society (which is fine for getting off planet, not so much for roleplaying large society). Algorithm-wise, it is pretty easy to track everything and the player only needs to track the resources in the stockpile and decide who gets what. With a private property system, you could pay the pawns for their work out of the state coffer or reward them with land and houses (or forcefully confiscate them with repercussion). Pawns should no longer wander into each other’s house unless the owner have a high opinion of them or invited them. You can also tax them, pay low wages, or charge extra on food at the expense of their mood, willingness to fight, and work speed which could also lead to organized riots or major rebellions. You can also fund pawn's equipment or have it come out of their salary, and skilled workers/fighters demand higher pay.

Also, the pawns' (or their family's) wealth can also dictate their level of expectation instead of sharing the same expectation based on community wealth with the exception of roles and titles. So a noble with high wealth will expect more than a beggar with no wealth. Differences in wealth will also determine how a noble will have a low opinion of a beggar and how low classes will look up to a noble. If there is too much poverty in the community, then people will attempt to steal items from each other leading to mood debuffs and violence.

Character traits such as greedy will then have more of a role to play in combination with traits such as lazy or hardworking (e.g lazy, greedy pawns will cut corners and demand high pay and hardworking, greedy pawn will work faster only if you give higher pay). It will also determine how likely your under-paid guards are to release valuable prisoners or become a traitor/spy. Nobles/elite can also hire personal guards or worker/slaves that are loyal to them.

I am mostly envisioning how it will play out in a medieval society but the system should be flexible enough to do a Jeff Bezos playthrough where you Amazon prime deliver a drone strike on your discontent and rioting workers working inside your mega factory.

Anyways, I think it will add a new dimension and realistic role-playing to the game for large societies with 50-100+ pawns and open a new gateway to a bunch of mods that add real estate, market, criminal system, banking, corpo etc. Then again the large population will also lead to the problem of cpu optimization and QoL for managing said population. Overall I don’t think anyone will be able to do it as it is going to be crazy complex but it is still a fun idea.
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