No music in Rimworld except for at the main menu.

Started by asquirrel, October 03, 2021, 05:11:53 PM

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Here's my log file.  Seems to be repeating an error over and over.  Mentions something about sound but I don't know what it is.  I tried verifying cache in Steam and it looks good.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


you are expected to provide log captured right after issue is occurred, not random log.

also you obviously should try running game without mods and check, is issue happening in clean version, if mods are not related, it may be kind of "hardware" issue.

verifying cache do not delete additional files, that may get into game's folders (game load everything in specific folders, there is no master file that determinate what files to load, if you drop anything into such folders, it may cause issues and won't be fixed by steam cache check), if issue occur in clean game, you must manually remove entire game folder completely on your own and download game again.


- please turn of verbose logging. It might be useful when you debug a mod, but general it is too much unrelevant informations.

The log don't show any error's about sounds. Then it might be a mod feature.
Like Rawcode mention
- check without mods, if the same problem happen it is maybe a driver/hardware issue.
- try it with some mods, special without rocketman and the sound mods (RealisticHumanSounds).


RawCode.  I upload the log while I was on the map with the music not playing, so I'm not sure why you think it was a random log.  If music was playing in the main screen and not in the game map, it was either corrupted files (I verified integrity of game files) or it was a mod.  I had assumed it was a mod since the integrity was fine.   That's why I came to you folks because you're pros at this stuff and the error didn't really point to a specific mod that I could see.

Thanks Canute for your suggestions!  I fixed the problem but don't actually know what was causing it.  I ended up doing going into the main menu (options/gameplay) while playing and clicking on "restore to default settings."   It rebooted and the music has come back on.  Very strange, since I had the music maxed in game and it would only play at the main menu screen.

Going to shut off verbose logging and post a new problem I'm having in a new thread.  Thought it might help you folks who mod every day but now I know it's giving too much info.