[Tool] cookiecutter-rimworld-mod-development : Build a Mod In 30 Seconds or Less

Started by fyarn, February 10, 2018, 11:58:52 PM

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I might just be dumb but please someone break this down barney style for me. i downloaded git and python but i have no idea how to install the cookie cutter. when i did it through vs it wont recognize the fact that i have python installed. what am i doing wrong?


For anyone that struggled mad hard for this shit im gonna break it down barney style. install virtual studio
Open up VS Installer (In Visual Studio -> Tools -> Gets Tools and Features)
Click Modify
Click Individual Components
Scroll to Development activities 5a. (VS 2017) Click the Cookiecutter template support checkbox 5b. (VS 2019) Click the Python language support checkbox
Click Modify
Tools > Add Tools and Features
after that make sure you install the python development workflow.
once that is done go to view and hit cookiecutter explorer and bam youre in