(1.3.3200 + DLCs) Non-quality Utility items following quality outfit rules

Started by Pyreax, December 05, 2021, 01:54:09 AM

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Found this bug when messing with some mods, tracked it down all the way to the base game.

Utility items that have no quality associated (poor, normal, good, etc.) are being treated by pawns as if they had a quality of normal. So any outfit assigned with a quality restriction of good or higher causes pawns to unequip utility items such as psychic shock lances and orbital bombardment targeters unless forced to equip.

Can provide extra information if needed. Very simple to reproduce, just force any pawn to equip a utility item without a quality and assign them an outfit that allows normal or lower quality and clear the forced assignment and it will stay, but once you change the outfit requirements to higher than normal they will remove the item and not equip it again.


Utility items are in the list of items in the Manage Outfits. This does allow for them to be assigned as possible outfit items to put on, instead of force wearing.

I know I've put certain Utility items in my "Outfits" assignments just so I didn't have to force wear every time I purchased a new one from traders. For example, my Melee outfit will be the group that gets Shield Belts as part of their outfit, Shooters get Lances. As better quality can determine better defensive ratings for each pawn, I can see the reasoning for wanting to move the minimum worn up as the game goes on. This point does hinder those utility items purchased from traders like Lances that don't have a listed quality. Shield Belts from traders usually do come with a quality rating.