[v1.3.3200] Not able to reorder zone in Manage Zones.

Started by StlyAu, December 19, 2021, 08:37:25 AM

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I noticed this issue this morning. I can make and alter zones, but can't change the order they show up in schedule/animal GUIs or prioritize which it belongs on. I have a slightly modded with vanilla and Royalty, but they are only QoL mods, nothing game changing.

Previously I had the ability to reorder the zones and decide if they were for colonists or animals. I didn't read anything about this being changed.

Save file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pk9j6k93ba9xnlw/Terena.rws?dl=0


Not sure what you mean.
You never could reaarange the zones. They show up at the way you created them.
Unrestricted, Home, Area1, Area2, Area3
If you wanted that Area3 is before Area2, you would delete Area2 and recreate it after.

Maybe you got some mod's that helped you with that, i think there was at last a mod that could copy/duplicate zones. Maybe there was a mod to rearrange them too, but i don't know it.

When you mean something different, maybe explain it further.


Ok.. you might be right. I checked and it may have been TD Enhancement Pack mod. I guess I got so used to having it active that I didn't realize it wasn't on the current map.


I like TD Enhancement pack for all of the other features but a better mod for reordering zones is Area Unlocker. It also lets you change the color of zones without having to delete and recreate them.
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