Reinforced Barrels

Started by StlyAu, December 20, 2021, 05:46:00 PM

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I'm looking for an answer from the Dev Team on this question.

What was the reasoning behind requiring the barrel in the initial crafting of a mortar when not using the "Classic Mortars" option?

I understand it helps with the accuracy and is needed for the rearming. If you happen to not get sieged or able to do an off-tile combat mission to acquire some "free" mortars, this means you have to craft them for defense. However, the barrels are only available on Exotic Traders and hampers the building of any on your own if you don't happen to get any traders or rewards. I would think the mortars could still be built without the barrels, and them added once you acquired some just as if you are rearming it.


The reason is game balance, that simple.  It's not reflective of real life; even a beefy iron tube would be enough for a mortar,which isn't rifled, unlike most more-standard artillery, and has MUCH lower breech pressures.  But making mortars too easy to build greatly changes game balance ;) .
Thanks, belgord!